The Citrix Ready Program showcases verified products that are trusted to enhance Citrix solutions for mobility, virtualization, networking and cloud platforms.

In our continuous endeavor to enhance the Citrix Ready program experience for you, our valued partners, we conducted our annual Citrix Ready Program Survey in Q2. The objective of the survey was to gauge the partners’ level of satisfaction with the program and gather your feedback about our technical and marketing benefits including the Citrix Ready Marketplace.

We have received an overwhelming response and feedback from you. More than 400 partners participated in the survey. Here are some of the key findings and results from the responses received.

Key Findings and Results


Top Partner Recommendations


Key Program Enhancements

As always, we are happy to receive your feedback. We have been actively looking into the various comments and suggestions received. These have been implemented into couple of new initiatives and improvements listed below.

Citrix Ready Marketplace

The Citrix Ready Marketplace showcases over 27,000 verifications and a comprehensive list of Citrix Ready verified products, solutions and enterprise enabled apps. The Marketplace now highlights Citrix compatible third-party products and solutions for different industry verticals such as healthcare, financial services, education and public sector. Citrix Ready recommended products can be found under the featured section.

Citrix Ready Verification Platform

Citrix Ready has launched the Citrix Ready Verification Platform to streamline and accelerate the verification process. This tool will enable you to manage the verification process for all products on one single platform and includes all the required information at your fingertips.

Citrix Ready ‘Partner of the Month’

Every month one selected partner will earn the ‘Partner of the month’ badge and win exclusive coverage across the Citrix Ready newsletter and marketing channels and banner campaigns. The winner will be chosen based on several criteria such as engagement with Citrix Ready, Marketplace profile status and reviews and recommendations.

Citrix Ready Partner Pavilion

Citrix Ready offers you yet another opportunity to team up with us and exhibit at key industry events. This year you can attend EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, Gartner Catalyst Conference and HIMMS early next year and have an exclusive Citrix Ready pod for yourself and garner accentuated promotions and leads. Find more details here.

We have also launched new marketing assets such as ebooks, infographics, sales enablement cards to promote your Citrix Ready products and highlight its key features to customers.

Here are a few quotes from our Citrix Ready partners:

“Overall the Citrix Ready team is excellent. I am very happy with the opportunities provided, the responsiveness of the team and their expertise and willingness to work with us.”

“Exceptional Service with a personal flare”

“It’s a good program and we are completely committed to it.”

“Citrix is our best and most important partner. Most other large software vendors do a poor job of partnering with ISVs.”

We thank you for your continued partnership with the Citrix Ready program. Please reach out to us at for any queries or feedback.

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