Citrix Ready verifications are now easier, faster and just a few clicks away!

The Citrix Ready verification process is, in essence, no longer “a process.” The Citrix Ready Verification Platform is all you need to begin and submit your verifications and carry out all the steps with ease.

This online platform is now available to all partners, for all our product categories, and serves as a single console to manage all your verifications in the future. The platform also houses all the information you need during your Citrix Ready verification as it charts a personalized course for you. The intuitive navigation helps you pick your product type, as well as the Citrix technology you’d like to verify with, and results in the corresponding test cases and web forms customized for your choices. Click, click and you are on your way to get your products listed on the Citrix Ready Marketplace!


Your Control Hub

At Citrix Ready, we set a course to not only simplify the verification process, but also to make it personalized and intuitive. So, at every step of testing and verifying your mobile app, product or solution, you are equipped with a personal dashboard to keep a track of the processes, recheck, pick up where you left off and make changes if required. You can also use the dashboard to check on previous verifications or start a new product verification and stay on top of all notifications.



Also, if you have any queries through the process, the “Ask a Question” box is at hand for you to get your question addressed by a Citrix Ready expert. You can review your tests and then simply submit.


Onward and Upward!

All you need to do now is request access by logging in with your Citrix Partner Central credentials, get started on verifications and submit the results to us. Please note that the old verification process that involved using the PDF test kit documents has been withdrawn, effective immediately. Going forward, all Citrix Ready partners MUST use this platform for all future product verifications.

If you are not an existing Citrix Ready partner, please apply for the program to get started.

You can also check out our tutorial video on the Citrix Ready Verification platform here.

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