SC Magazine has awarded XenMobile a 5-Star rating for Enterprise Mobility Management!

This recognition is meaningful because the critique comes from reviewers who actually used the product. Sometimes reviews are written based on a product demonstration by the vendor, but in this case we provided SC Magazine with a demo environment, a reviewer’s guide and let them have at it.

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The validation that comes from the 5-Star rating is particularly satisfying to the XenMobile Team because the SC Magazine review highlights XenMobile’s competitive differentiators that deliver true value to our customers.

Two of the concerns we hear most often are centered around the end-user:

  • How can I provide end users with a secure mobile solution that doesn’t feel intrusive?
  • My end users aren’t very technical. How can you help me deliver a solution that’s easy to use?

Let’s first address the issue of intrusiveness. 

BYOD continues to be the fastest-growing deployment model for EMM and a popular preference for enterprise IT. BUT. There are still a couple of wrinkles that need be ironed out.  Most people—understandably—feel a little uneasy when their company asks or requires  them to let IT manage their personally owned device. Does this mean that IT knows what I’m doing when I’m away from the office? Yikes! Can they see where I browse, access my personal messaging apps, etc.?

XenMobile offers a MAM-only deployment option that helps combat end-user uneasiness by eliminating the requirement of device management by IT. Instead, IT delivers and secures only the business apps with no visibility into the rest of the device.

Now, on to usability.

Security is paramount. When you think about it, security is the only reason companies need to buy EMM. However, if the end-user experience on the device is diminished during the application of security controls, productivity can be lost. In many cases, employees won’t adopt the technology.

XenMobile puts a premium on end-user experience. Our Worx mobile apps are the most mature in the industry. We want our containerized mobile apps to be known for a consumer-like experience that includes business-class features.

So, here we are. This where we come full circle and the stars align.

As SC Magazine identified and recognized XenMobile product excellence, there were two common threads throughout the review. You guessed it: personal privacy and usability.

Here’s a sampling of what SC Magazine had to say:

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.33.26 PM

It’s great that XenMobile gets all the key check marks for EMM security, but it’s the XenMobile experience that really sets us apart.

Trying to decide on your next EMM solution? We want to help. We can set you up with a great demonstration environment, so you can experience XenMobile just like SC Magazine.

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