What do the Philips Hue Lighting Kit and Transport Layer Security (TLS) have in common?

Black Hat 2016!

If you look at tech news today there is multitude of security issues ranging from data breaches, to insider threats, to APTs, DDoS attacks, web application threats, transport layer security, and several others affecting brand reputation, loss of business, information, and more. With emerging threats and new regulations customers understand the need for the right kind of security solutions in order to meet their security needs – solutions that protect apps and data from any location, solve for new and old threats, meet compliance standards and help prepare for emerging technologies.

According to a July 2016 Citrix Qualtrics survey report:

  • Over 48 percent of customers are looking for end-to-end protection of apps and data,
  • 60 percent of customers want policies that help meet compliance requirements,
  • 55 percent of customers want to protect against web application and DDoS attacks
  • More than 30 percent are interested in protecting against black listed IPs
  • And 56 percent of customers are looking for a simplified way of managing and monitoring their SSL certificates.

In addition to the Citrix report, a Forrester Security Business Technographics Report fielded from March – May 2016 found that 65 percent of security decision makers would like to improve application security capabilities and services. As more organizations embrace the digital transformation with emerging technologies like cloud, IoT, and analytics, it is more critical for them to start thinking about securing sensitive applications and data no matter where they reside or when/how they’re being used.

Now for those of you wondering what has all this to do with Philips Hue Lighting Kit and TLS, stop by the Citrix booth (#324) while at Black Hat 2016 for a chance to win a HUE Lighting Kit by Philips + A/C Thermostat!

At our booth you will hear presentations and see the latest technology and demos for secure apps and data delivery. Demos and presentations include:

  • How to protect your web applications from attacks, DDoS protection
  • Granular access control to mobile, web and windows apps
  • Device and app management
  • Secure file access and storage both on-prem and in the cloud


Check out our session at Black Hat:

TLS is No Longer Optional
Thursday, August 4th, Theatre A
2:30 – 3:15 pm PT

TLS is a fundamental part of the communication fabric. While SSL is part of almost every use case, one needs to understand the best protocol and cipher combination to ensure security and performance for applications. New regulations are mandating the use of new ciphers, which are stronger and counter various attacks with increased performance. In this session, learn how to architect a solution that really satisfies both the faster and secure requirements with NetScaler SSL technology.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Black Hat 2016 and at the Citrix booth!

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