While we’ve talked about how successful Citrix Synergy was with customers and partners this year, a lot of attention has – understandably – focused on our expanded partnership with Microsoft, which will simplify IT for our joint customers. But that wasn’t the only story.

We also showcased other partners like our good friends at Nutanix, who combine Citrix innovation with their technology to empower IT to move faster, AND reduce costs, which also helps extend Citrix value to the midmarket.

So, when Nutanix hosted its .NEXT Conference last month in Las Vegas, Citrix was there. We had a booth near the main entrance – right next to Nutanix – where visitors could see Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop running on Nutanix appliances.

You could also find key executives from my team delivering breakout sessions at .NEXT. In fact, one of our VPs, Steve Wilson, was so popular that you couldn’t find a seat in his session. Nutanix also had Sridhar Mullipudi who heads up product management for XenApp and XenDesktop, join their breakout session called Citrix Recommends, along with Raghu Nandan from Nutanix and Mark Hindle, a joint Cisco-Citrix customer from Relationships Australia NSW.

When you look at how Citrix and Nutanix work together, it’s easy to just focus on the cost advantages that come out of that. But you’d be missing the amazing power of this combined solution to simplify IT and make it so much easier to adapt to the changing business needs.

For example, with a Nutanix hyperconverged system preloaded with XenApp and XenDesktop, you can deploy Citrix virtual desktops in under 30 minutes; a workplace that can be easily managed from the Citrix virtualization console. And if you want to manage a hybrid cloud, Nutanix was the first partner to qualify as a Citrix Ready resource zone within the Citrix Cloud.

When we talk about dramatically reducing complexity with Citrix, partners like Nutanix offer a compelling way to simplify IT. And our partnership aligns with our joint mission to make businesses more agile. In fact, for emerging businesses, Nutanix appliances provide the ability to scale out on a linear basis with no loss in system performance, empowering IT to quickly expand capacity to handle surging user growth.

For those who have traditionally associated Citrix Synergy with a look into future Citrix technologies, our partnership with Nutanix offers a compelling view into what we offer customers today. So, if you are looking for a way to simplify the way you deploy and manage Citrix workspaces, take a look at what we’re doing with Nutanix.

And stay tuned to hear more about what we’re doing on the innovation front with other partners.

We’re just getting started.