In my role as a engineer for XenMobile, I do a lot of deployments, and there are some things that I tend to do after it’s up and running. To be honest, once you finish setting it up and completing the First-Time Use wizard, you already feel like you’ve accomplished a lot.

But then you are suddenly left with an empty dashboard and might not know what to tackle next. Here are some recommended “next steps” to get you started.

Enroll Your First Device

Grab an Android device (and later repeat this with an iOS device) and go to the Play Store.  Search for “Worx Home” and you’ll see the “Worx Home by Citrix” app, which you should download and install. Launch the app and it will ask you to type in a “UPN, Email or Server.”  For now, we’ll keep things simple and just add our server. In my case, that’s “” It will ask you whether to Enroll; we’ll say Yes. Next, you’ll be asked for your username/email and your password, then asked to activate WorxHome as a device administrator, to which you should agree. This lets WorxHome actually enact all the policies that you’ll be creating later. It may also ask you for whether WorxHome can have access to specific permissions, such as whether it can access your Storage.  At last you’ll be shown a “My Apps” screen in WorxHome, which is initially empty.

Congratulations, you’ve enrolled your first device!

If you log into the XenMobile console at this point, you’ll see one Android device in your dashboard. Success!


Create Your First Policy

As you manage XenMobile, you’ll be configuring lots of policies, so it makes sense to get familiar with this right away. A great policy to setup right away is to remove the WorxHome notification icon on Android devices. You may have noticed that when you enrolled your Android device that you now have a WorxHome icon in your notification tray (in the top-left corner).


In fact, the end-user can’t remove this. No matter how much they might try to dismiss it, this WorxHome icon will stubbornly remain in their list of notifications. This icon will even remain forever on their lock screen. This might understandably irk your end-users, since all of their other notifications can be acted on and dismissed.

To address this, in the XenMobile server console, navigate to Configure -> Device Policies, and click on “Add”. In the dialog window that appears expand the “More” section, and select “XenMobile Options” (under the XenMobile Agent category).

XenMobile Options

In the wizard that is now displayed, give your new policy a name (ex.: “Remove WorkHome Notification Icon”), only target Android, set “Traybar notification – hide traybar icon” to On, and on the last screen assign it to “All Users”.

Now go back to your device and launch WorxHome. Rather than wait, we’ll encourage WorxHome to pull down the new policy that we’ve just created. Click on the menu icon in the top-left corner, and then Preferences. Go to “Device Information” and subsequently click on the “Refresh policy” button. You’ll notice that now the WorxHome icon will be gone!

Push Your First App

Calling this an “app” might be a stretch since we’re just going to push an external web link. But the key concept is that it will show up in the device’s WorxStore and you’ll be able to launch it.

In the XenMobile server console, navigate to Configure -> Apps, and click on “Add”. In the dialog window that appears, click on “Web Link”. You’ll now be in a short wizard. Give it a name like “My Storage”, then a description and a URL. In my case, I’ll use “Helpful link to ShareFile” as the description and “” as the URL. Set “Apps is hosted in internal network” to OFF, and click on Next. Assign it to “AllUsers” and click on “Save”.

Go back to your device and launch WorxHome. You’ll see that familiar white screen with the text “Add apps from WorxStore”. It’s time to click on it! After it connects, you’ll see your “My Storage” app listed in the WorxStore.


Click on the app, then on “Add”.  After a little while, it will be added to your home screen.  Leave WorxHome and you’ll see it sitting next to all of your other apps!

That’s a great start. After thi,s you’ll likely want to tackle wrapping your first mobile app, but that will have to be covered in a separate blog post.

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