At Citrix, we often hear from our customers that they need to transform their businesses to be more agile and competitive and that it all starts with their applications. Together with Cisco, we have created a solution for application delivery that integrates Citrix NetScaler with Cisco ACI that uses automation to change the way that application infrastructure is deployed in the data center.

Take a look at the videos below. In the first, you will hear from Bill Kleyman of MTM about how this solution is helping to increase agility in deploying both the data center switching infrastructure and the supporting networking services for applications. In the second, Ash Chowdappa, Vice President & General Manager, Citrix NetScaler, describes how Citrix is innovating with NetScaler to help customers deliver applications services. Finally, in the third, you will hear Ravi Balakrishnan, Senior Manager for Cisco, talk about the features and customer benefits of this solution.

Powering the Modern Business with Cisco and Citrix featuring Bill Kleyman, Vice President Strategy & Innovation, MTM

In this video, Bill Kleyman, Vice President Strategy & Innovation at MTM describes how the modern business has overcome the silos of compute, storage and networking and unified the network to create an agile and scalable platform for application delivery using Cisco ACI and Citrix NetScaler. He explains how this model has enhanced application availability and enabled a hybrid cloud model all managed from one console. By deploying this solution to support delivery of desktop application, the modern business has enhanced the user experience and increased user productivity as well as increased the organization’s ability to meet the goals of the business.

Citrix NetScaler and Cisco ACI work together to accelerate data center transformation

Citrix NetScaler is a key component of the Cisco ACI ecosystem. With our combined solution, you can intelligently deliver applications and services in all types of environments. Cisco ACI helps you rapidly deploy applications onto networks with scalability, security, and full visibility. Citrix NetScaler integration with the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) makes it easy to combine NetScaler’s Layer 4-to-7 application fabric with Cisco’s Layer 2-to-3 network fabric. This combination works to accelerate data center transformation.

Datacenter Transformation with Citrix and Cisco featuring Ash Chowdappa, Vice President & General Manager NetScaler, Citrix

In this video Ash Chowdappa, Vice President & General Manager of the Data Networking Business Unit at Citrix, describes about how Citrix is innovating with NetScaler to help customers deploy their applications faster using automation and how Citrix helps them to move to a hybrid-cloud deployment mode. Ash explains the benefits of two new products from Citrix, NetScaler CPX for containerized environments to support micro services applications and NetScaler MAS, the Management and Analytics System that helps with optimizing application performance. Ash states how Citrix is committed to the Cisco ACI solution NetScaler that delivers the agility that customers are looking for in their application delivery networks.

Citrix NetScaler and Cisco ACI work together to automate data center service delivery

Cisco ACI integration with Citrix NetScaler appliances reduces deployment complexity and better aligns applications to infrastructure automation. The combined solution provides a single point of management to define the network and L4 to L7 services requirements, while elastically integrating them into the Cisco ACI network fabric. Cisco ACI and Citrix NetScaler ADC appliances combine to reduce deployment time to your physical and virtual application network services on a data center fabric. This combination offers freedom of deployment location, alignment with business applications, automated network configuration and services.

Datacenter Automation with Citrix NetScaler and Cisco ACI, featuring Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, Cisco – Ravi Balakrishnan

In this video Ravi Balakrishnan, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Cisco ACI, talks about how customers are deploying the Citrix NetScaler and Cisco ACI joint solution in their data centers today and some of the key benefits and value props that those customers are seeing. He goes on to describe some of the exciting and forward-looking features that are coming for this solution in the near term. In the beginning he describes how application architectures are changing and how the networking infrastructure needs to adapt to accommodate new micro services applications that are intelligent and dynamic and how this infrastructure can enable the move to a DevOps deployment model.

Why Cisco ACI and Citrix NetScaler

As businesses quickly move to make the data center more agile, application centric automation and virtualization of both hardware and software infrastructure become increasingly important. Cisco ACI builds the critical link between business-based requirements for applications and the infrastructure that supports them. The Citrix NetScaler ADC connects infrastructure and applications and makes that insight available to the Cisco APIC though deep integration.

For more information on the Citrix NetScaler and Cisco ACI solution see, the Citrix and Cisco Partnership page.

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