Back in MY day …

And now, it’s time for another exciting episode of
“The Grumpy Old Tech Guy.”

Back in my day, we didn’t care about the user experience. We gave our users hardware and software that we chose at our own discretion (and we used it and we liked it, by gum!). We deployed these technologies to our users and that was that. If they didn’t like it? Too bad, they got what we gave them and they used it as best they could. Period.

Fast forward twenty or even ten years to today and it’s a completely different story. The user experience does matter. And it matters a lot, or, as we say in Boston, “a wicked lot.” Because if the employees (fka “users”) aren’t happy, they’ll just go around us and get their own technologies, effectively cutting IT out altogether. Not to mention that most of us now conduct employee satisfaction surveys and if we don’t get 5 stars then, in the words of Ricky Ricardo, “Luuuuuceeeeeeee, you got some ‘splaining to do.”

With the migration to Windows 10 looming on the horizon for many of your customers, now is the time to make their employees a vested partner in your success.

A Taste of 10: What to Do

It’s simple really, especially if you’re already a Citrix partner servicing your customers. Create one, or a few “golden” images of Windows 10 and deploy them to your customer’s XenDesktop Farm. XenDesktop already supports the most important features (acronyms) you may need for a Windows 10 VDI. VDA, PVS, MCS, UPM, AppDNA and more. Publish these Windows 10 desktops to a select group of test employees and invite them to kick the tires of the new desktop.

The test employees can spin up their Windows 10 virtual desktops and get acclimated with the interface at their own pace. They can test their LOB apps in the new desktop and make sure they can adjust prior to a companywide rollout. They can easily switch back to their production Windows 7 desktops as easy as closing a Window. Not only will this make the employees feel empowered, but it will also make them feel like a vested partner in the migration and that will increase their employee satisfaction ratings. Yeah five stars!

And for you, the partner responsible for a successful rollout at your customer’s site, your taste of 10 can prove very effective in increasing your adoption and success. You can observe how employees use the Windows 10 golden images, heck even record the sessions in Director and make any changes based on what you and your customer see. And because the user is experienced with your Windows 10 VDI before you do flip the switch then your help desk tickets are likely to be fewer and farther between. And that makes for a happy client and happy clients are repeat clients.

As an added value to our Citrix Solution Advisors (CSA), we are extending our offer to use AppDNA for free at your clients while performing a Windows 10 migration. That’s right, quickly and efficiently test their applications compatibility with Windows 10 in a fraction of the time it used to take with manual testing. Do your customers like to pay for months and months of manual app compat testing? I didn’t think so.

Now, after a successful taste of 10 program and you are ready to deploy your own supported Windows 10 desktops you may ask yourself, “should I deploy Windows 10 as a legacy fat install or should I keep on with Windows 10 as VDI?” These are great questions you raise. I bet you stayed up all night thinking of them. I know I did.

I, of course, would make the argument for deploying production Windows 10 with XenDesktop. My argument, while largely influenced by my employment at Citrix, goes far beyond this. Let’s face it, not all of your client’s existing hardware will be Windows 10-ready, XenDesktop moots that point. And the more you can save your client on hardware purchases can be converted into services revenue. Does your client like increased security, flexibility and providing that golden thread in this blog, a great user experience? Check, check and check when Windows 10 is a virtual desktop.

Now, I also know what you’re asking yourself. You’re asking, “But Microsoft said Windows 10 is the last major version of Windows. If that is the case why does my client need VDI if they will never migrate from one OS to another again?”

And again, great question. Let me plant this seed and hoe it a little bit. While it may be true there will be no more major releases, Microsoft will be doing what I call the rolling thunder of upgrades. This means they will release significant changes much more frequently than previously. The best way to manage this rolling thunder is with a select few golden images of your virtual desktops. It’s easier to manage these updates centrally on XenDesktop than on 50,000 end point devices. And what client doesn’t like an efficient consulting partner like you?

And this is all stuff you can do for your clients TODAY! Check out this blog post to get started.

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