Join Citrix and guest, Forrester principal analyst David K. Johnson to learn about “Improving the employee experience, while achieving 144% ROI with XenApp.”

Johnson, as an expert in client virtualization technologies, will discuss the digital workspace technology landscape, why the changing workforce dynamics matter, and how one company achieved both cost savings and improved security, while improving the employee experience at the same time.

Understand the digital workspace technology landscape

Digital workspace delivery systems are bridging the gap between providing workers freedom to work how, when and where they want and the IT challenges of maintaining security and fewer control points. In the webinar, Forrester will share industry trends around app and desktop virtualization and what can make or break a solution. The most critical element may surprise you.

Why changing workforce dynamics matter

You may have noticed that the way we work now is dramatically different than how we worked 10, 5 or even 2 years ago. The workforce is changing at an increasingly rapid rate, with demands to work on personal devices and from remote locations becoming the norm. The good news is, this new way of working is making people more productive. The bad news? If you can’t provide employees the freedom of choice to work on any device from anywhere, they are apt to find a company that can. Hear more from Forrester on what is important to companies’ top performers—and what your IT department can do to help retain them.

What is the total economic impact of XenApp?

That brings us to XenApp, which delivers on the promise of a digital workspace by allowing workers to access their apps, desktops and data from any device, anywhere. And when talking about XenApp, we are frequently asked “what is the expected ROI” or “what value will XenApp bring to my business”? In order to answer these questions objectively, Citrix commissioned Forrester  Consulting to conduct a Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) study to understand the potential ROI and measurable value enterprises can realize by deploying Citrix XenApp to their workforce.

In the webinar, you’ll hear the details of the study, including how a XenApp customer achieved this ROI through:

  1. Reducing costs of access to enterprise applications
  2. Consolidating licenses of legacy applications
  3. Securing access of applications to third parties

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