Citrix is on a high innovation trajectory, announcing new features every quarter that add to its successful product portfolio.

Citrix Partners play a vital role: showcasing and implementing these new features in customer environment. Thus it is imperative that our Partners to stay informed and get enabled on these new features and updates quickly. Partner readiness is central to our customer success and, thus, a top priority for Citrix.

Citrix, while focusing on innovation, has created extensive resources for Partner Enablement and Readiness. What this post covers are the details of the resources that Partners can use for self-enablement:

1.     Citrix SalesIQ is a world-class enablement platform that ensures access to the best content for specific roles and sales situations and the freshest, most valuable resources. Partners can use their subscription to track updates to the content and also find the relevant topics using Google-like search functionality.

2.     The Citrix Enablement Site is the most popular site for free sales and technical enablement training for our Partners. It is the best place to up-level your skills on Citrix products and solutions. The courses are designed to enhance your ability to effectively sell our solutions. You will have access to a world class interface providing on-demand and instructor-led courses as well as self-paced hands-on labs, so you can gain hands-on practice on all the major Citrix products.

3.     Resources from Citrix Education:

  • The Citrix Training Site provides valuable information on courses that Partners can take to gain expertise on our products. These courses are available as Instructor-led or Virtual training. Further, the site offers multiple free courses for Partners to attend. The CCSP Course, which is crucial to maintain Partner status, is also available on this site.
  • E-Learning Subscription from Citrix Education is another option for Partners to get enabled. The subscription includes over 20 courses and 300 hours of guided learning, with courses covering XenApp, XenMobile, XenDesktop, and NetScaler. This all-access pass includes an unprecedented amount of content in a single Citrix Education offering, giving our students the flexibility to learn on their terms like never before.
  • Citrix Hands-on Labs from Citrix Education allows students to revisit, relearn and master the lab exercises covered during the course, giving the opportunity to continue learning outside of the classroom. Hands-on Labs with 25 days unlimited access let partners practice these skills in a sandbox environment, minimizing any risks with migration.

4.     Citrix Masterclass is set of webinars conducted periodically to spread knowledge on our products with a deep dive on technical aspects. These are conducted by seasoned Citrix Engineers and Architects who, to spur comprehensive understanding, also conduct live demos on the discussed topic.

  • Please click here for NetScaler Masterclass schedule

5.     The Citrix Blogs are another important online channel to disseminate information on latest news and happenings at Citrix. The Citrix Blogs publishes posts ranging from Sales, Marketing, Events, Channel updates and technical information. Partners can subscribe to the Citrix Blogs and they can see all new posts every morning in their inbox.

6.     Citrix Docs is an extremely valuable resource for learning details on each Citrix product. Citrix Docs consists of downloadable User and Administrative guides for each product and component that Citrix releases. With every new release, this gets updated quickly and Partners can use this extensive resource to learn minute workings of our products.

7.     The Citrix YouTube Channel is a rich repository of recorded videos of our webinars, events and other broadcasts. Partners can use this channel to increase their awareness about our products and respective use cases. This channel provides bite-size information, as well deep-dive sessions for partners to enable themselves.

8.     Citrix Summit and Citrix Synergy are Citrix two biggest events of the year. Experts across a broad spectrum of technologies present on diverse topics helping enable our partners. At these information packed events Citrix also demonstrates the new technologies and the roadmap. Partners can attend these events to get an overdose of Citrix innovations. Also at these events, Citrix Education often provides free Certifications and other important give away.

9.     The Citrix Community Site is another important place for Partners to connect with experts and join the conversations about Citrix technologies. Citrix Partners can also join the Citrix User group community or even start down the path to becoming a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP).

Beyond these central resources, the local Citrix team in each country runs multiple programs for Partners to attend and get enabled. Please get in touch with a local Citrix Channel contact.

Citrix also provides Partners an opportunity to evaluate their knowledge on Citrix Products and solutions via Citrix Practicum and Industry recognized Citrix Certifications.

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