Improve_Productivity_with_MobilityGreat questions are asked when Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop sites pursue broader mobility solutions. Virtualization serves a great purpose, but today’s increasingly mobile user can also benefit from mobile app management, file sharing, as well as virtualization to securely deliver apps and data to the complete workspace.

Huge numbers of Citrix customers heard more about expanding to a mobile workspace in the June webinar Increase Productivity with Mobility. We shared how companies just like yours are using XenMobile and ShareFile to improve security and offer a great user experience when workers are using mobile devices.

The webinar audience asked questions that may help you move forward on your mobile workspace journey. Here are the top questions from the recorded webinar: Increase Productivity with Mobility: add EMM and file sharing—to your XenApp and XenDesktop deployment

Is the mobile workspace available in the cloud?

Yes, Citrix Cloud includes an option for the Integrated Apps and Data Suite, which includes the functionality found in Citrix Workspace Suite, the Citrix mobile workspace offering. If you’d like to deliver complete workspaces from a public or private cloud, or a combination of cloud and on-premises delivery, there is an option for you.

Also each technology—XenMobile, ShareFile, XenApp, XenDesktop—is also available as an individual service of Citrix Cloud (formerly known as Citrix Workspace Cloud) if you choose that route.

What kinds of customers have moved from XenApp to Citrix Workspace Suite?

Some customer examples were highlighted in the webinar, but we’ve seen successful implementations across verticals and organizations of all sizes. There is a great video from Citrix Synergy of a Citrix Workspace Suite customer panel. The real Citrix customers share their implementation stories, their end user feedback and their geekiest innovation with the complete workspace. Check out their honest insight in the recorded panel Citrix Workspace Suite in My Organization.

Do you have tools for developing mobile applications?

Yes, Citrix Secure Forms, part of XenMobile, allows businesses to create forms based apps to end user without any need for programming. See more about XenMobile secure forms.

Do I lose any security if I only deploy MAM and not MDM?
Our employees don’t want MDM.

There is no security disadvantage to using XenMobile MAM only, as opposed to MDM. In fact, customers gain greater security for their application data. XenMobile MAM or MDX technology provides over 50 different mobile application security policies including encryption for data at rest, micro VPN for security of data in motion, open-in and copy/paste protection, geofencing, and a kill pill for stored corporate data if the device isn’t able to reach the server within a configurable interval. As discussed in the webinar, beyond the application security benefits of the XenMobile MAM only approach, the biggest benefit is not having to install an MDM client on to the device in order to meet regulatory or internal security policies.

Compare the XenMobile approach – and the competition with these resources.

Any device 4 devicesWhat type of client access does ShareFile support?

You can access ShareFile via any web browser – it’s a convenient and easy to use web interface, apps for the many mainstream mobile devices like iOS, Android and Windows. As mentioned in the webinar, ShareFile has tools like drive mapper to provide an end user with a familiar drive letter interface, a plug-in for Outlook to remove giant attachments and reduce burden on the mail system, plus synch tools that make it easy to back up files and data.  Learn more about ShareFile tools for end user productivity.

I collaborate with some people outside the company. Does every user on the project need a ShareFile account?

Yes and no. You only need to have ShareFile licenses for those accounts that we call employee accounts. ShareFile has both client users and employee accounts.

The client users are just like what they sound like, those are people you are sharing content with but don’t want broader level access to your ShareFile environment.

An employee is typically somebody within your corporate environment or somebody you would trust with similar type of access.

Those are the general differences but to learn more, read a helpful ShareFile support KB article.

You mentioned multiple ShareFile storage options, if you have deployed a hybrid model with both cloud storage and on-premises are my end-users stuck using one or the other?

No, they have flexibility. While a ShareFile employee user will have a primary storage location defined for them, they can be provided access to a storage repository that differs from their default location. Learn more about ShareFile storage options.

Can I deploy the ShareFile control plane or the application tier in my own data center?

No, and here’s why: ShareFile is designed to be a cloud based application and by having the control over the application tier, Citrix can easily deploy features on a pretty quick cadence, controlling the QA and exposure of that feature to the ShareFile customers.

This also relieves IT of one layer of management, Citrix isn’t requiring that you maintain an entire infrastructure on-premises. Now we do have the on-premises data storage option via a storage zone controller.

The ShareFile on-premises storage zone controller storage option is somewhat exposing a small part of the overall ShareFile infrastructure on-premises.  ShareFile storage zone controller allows a customer to use a storage option that they maintain and control.  This option might be an on-premises CIFS/SMB file share or a cloud repository from Azure or Amazon they maintain. However, there is far more to the overall larger ShareFile infrastructure, so check out the details at

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View the recorded webinar: Increase Productivity with Mobility: add EMM and file sharing—to your XenApp and XenDesktop deployment

Thank you to Mike Hogan, Senior Systems Administrator, XenMobile, and Marc Waldrop, Technical Product Marketing Manager, ShareFile, for expert assistance with today’s blog and the Improve Productivity with Mobility webinar.

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