The NetScaler MPX 14000 FIPS appliance just launched last week, as part of the Citrix Security event in Washington, D.C.; what a great event and an great way to introduce the new platform! We also have a happy beta customer from a major financial company talking about this new platform: “The new 14000 FIPS working great and like everything about it and capacity is wonderful.”

For some quick background, Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) is a U.S. government computer security standard used to accredit cryptographic models. NetScaler’s FIPS solution has been powering customers globally for more than 10 years.  FIPS compliance is required for government, healthcare and many financial companies that care about security, especially in the U.S., Australia and Germany, as well as maintaining compliance with industry regulations such as Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and many more. There are various FIPS requirements out there, but the one that applies to an ADC platform and the one that customers request the most is the FIPS 140-2 Level 2. Link here for more details on the different levels for FIPS 140-2 and the differences for each.

As we discussed in recent blog posts, such as my last one, Citrix focuses on making effective security simpler to achieve and maintain through the use of NetScaler. The NetScaler FIPS platform offering aligns with significant demand in the Federal vertical market. The NetScaler differentiation is in its ability to PayGrow without changing hardware or software.

What is PayGrow? The NetScaler FIPS platform has the ability to PayGrow (increase network elasticity with more encrypted throughput) on demand, without the need for additional hardware platform using NetScaler® Pay-As-You-Grow licensing. This means that the same base appliance can be easily upgraded to higher capacity model or multi-tenant model to help simplify application delivery support for more applications and business units, and end to device sprawl by consolidating multiple NetScaler instances on a single hardware platform. In today’s environment, there are many devices using multiple ADC instances on a number of different hardware platforms and the new NetScaler FIPS platform helps eliminate this complexity while providing FIPS compliance solution. This capability would make NetScaler SDX the first FIPS platform in an multi-tenant form factor.

The NetScaler FIPS platform is designed with a FIPS 140-2 Level-3 certified HSM module with industry leading performance. In addition to the platform being FIPS compliant and providing security as mandated by NIST, there are key datacenter and cloud architecture challenges that NetScaler helps solve more effectively:

  • Address surges in traffic quickly and cost-effectively with on-demand elasticity which is mentioned above with PayGrow
  • Reduces TCO within the datacenter through ADC consolidation by at least 50% than competition as discussed above with multi-tenant SDX form factor in the future
  • Cloud-Ready enables your datacenter for greater agility, elasticity and cost efficiency

Whether a customer’s cloud strategy revolves around public cloud services, a private cloud within their own datacenter or a hybrid approach, datacenters needs to be designed with new levels of flexibility to help them leverage the agility, elasticity and economics of cloud computing.

The ADC platform that they choose is often pivotal in this transformation. NetScaler, with its various form factors such as MPX (hardware appliance), SDX (multi-tenant appliance), VPX (virtual appliance that can have any hypervisor for any cloud) as well as the new CPX (container-based ADC), provides organizations with the flexibility to choose the NetScaler platform that meets their performance and scale needs for their datacenters.

Now with the NetScaler14000 FIPS family added to the various NetScaler platform choices, not only do customers have the flexibility to buy this new MPX 14000 FIPS platform which is FIPS Level 2, but also non-FIPS appliances such MPX, SDX and VPX with third party integrations with Thales and SafeNet that also have various FIPS 140-2 Level 2 or Level 3 offerings available.

More details of this new NetScaler MPX 14000 FIPS platform and all our other platforms can be found here.