Citrix and Microsoft have always shared a unique symbiosis. Now, we’ve taken it to the next level.

For years, clients have been demanding more of the good stuff—and now, both companies are ready to deliver in a big way.

At Citrix Synergy 2016, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that Citrix chose Microsoft Azure as its strategic and preferred cloud for its future roadmap.

What does that mean for our Partners? New revenue. Differentiation. Exciting growth opportunities. And a little celebrating too.

And it all starts at our booth at the upcoming Microsoft World Partner Conference.

Microsoft, Citrix, Cloud and you

With 15,000 attendees from all corners of the world, Microsoft World Partner Conference in Toronto July 10-14, is just the place to see and be seen—and learn first-hand how new join market-leading solutions from Citrix and Microsoft will differentiate hosting businesses and create new opportunities to deliver never-before-seen high-margin services.

“With combined Citrix and Microsoft solutions, Microsoft partners have a brand new opportunity and product to sell their customers,” says Nabeel Youakim, VP Product Management & Strategic Partners, Windows App Delivery, Citrix.

“From Window 10 migrations and Azure cloud deployments, to Office 365 and Skype for Business deployments—partners will be able to generate brand new revenue stream and deliver unparalleled value.”

Imagine a globally-available, enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure already in use by 60% of Fortune 500 companies—with 10,000 new customers adopting it every week—where you can quickly and efficiently build, launch and extend high-value Citrix hosted services.

For the first time in history, Microsoft is breaking the requirement that the Windows license be tied to a physical device.

“This game-changing announcement allows Enterprise customers with Software Assurance (SA) to deploy Windows 10 VDI in the Microsoft Azure cloud, using XenDesktop service as the delivery vehicle,” explains Sean Donahue, Principal Product Marketing Manager, DNA Marketing & Partner.

What else has Sean excited about Microsoft World Partner Conference?

  • Skype for Business and VDI: Only with Citrix.
    Skype for Business and Citrix – the only way to use Skype and VDI together. Publish Skype for Business as a virtualized application or within a virtual desktop—with the same performance as a local installation. Eliminate the security risks associated with logs and other files stored locally on worker’s devices
  • Office 365: Uncompromised.
    Citrix delivers Office 365 apps that support for critical business features like macros, templates, plug-ins and app integration as a cloud service—without the need to ever install Office locally.
  • Windows 10 migration at lightning speed?
    Mired in the headaches and high costs of application migration? Accelerate your time-to-revenue and increase margins by simplifying Windows 10 transition through the cloud. Citrix Solution Advisors can use AppDNA for free on their migrations projects with their own customers for another year—and speed up their Win10 deployments by up to 90%.

Citrix solutions powered by Microsoft Azure can transform partners into superheroes who save businesses in a single bound. It’s not a dream, it’s a new reality of the cloud.

And it all starts at booth 1434.

“I encourage all of our A-Team partners to come to the Citrix booth,” Donahue says. “Talk with me about how they can best take advantage of these solutions and drive greater adoption of all Microsoft offerings. Buckle your seatbelts because it’s going to be one hell of a ride.”

Booth 1434: It’s the place to be

Our Citrix crew will be hosting entertaining and informative in-booth theater sessions to introduce new content and materials for Partners and Distributors, including XenApp on Azure, Skype for Biz optimization, ShareFile on Azure and Office 365. And the Citrix Service Provider team will be on hand to discuss how Citrix Service Providers can deliver hosted solutions to small businesses.

“I’m excited to add the Citrix Service Provider voice to the Citrix and Microsoft announcements made at Citrix Synergy,” says Dan Sparks, Senior Manager Channel Marketing, Worldwide Licensing and Programs, “and I’m looking forward to reinforcing the synergy between both the Microsoft SPLA Program and the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program.”

You can’t replace “face-to-face”

At the end of the day, lasting partnerships and those serendipitous “a-ha” moments that can change fortunes come from conversations and handshakes. At Microsoft World Partner Conference, you can network amidst the mecca of all partner ecosystems with people from all around the world. Learn more in five days than you could in a year about how to empower your customers to capitalize on this exciting expansion of cloud, mobile and big data.

Oh, and while you’re at it, tweet about your experience! Use #WPC16 and #CitrixPartners to show us your favorite moments. 

Can’t be there? Get the next best thing.

  1. Our enterprise partners can still take advantage of our extended offer to use AppDNA for free on Windows 10 migration projects-for another year.
  1. Looking to expand your hosted services so you can win more customers? Done and done. Now if you’re hosting with Citrix, then you can be hosting on Azure, enterprise-class, globally available cloud infrastructure. Learn how to build and deepen your core hosting business with Citrix.
  1. Skype for Business is available as a cloud service through XenApp. That’s right—your favorite communication app is now completely optimized for a mobile experience, including reduced network congestion, lower IT costs and better control and security.
  1. Citrix helps create an enhanced Office 365 experience hosted in the cloud by Microsoft. As Microsoft’s Brad Anderson says, “Citrix has the most comprehensive and scalable solution for hosting the full Win32 apps and remoting it to any device.”

Come see us at booth 1434 – we look forward to it!

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