Earlier this year, I mentioned that when people learn I work at Citrix, I often hear, “Everyone Uses Citrix,” and how the latest market data from IDC reinforced how Citrix leads the end user computing market. At the end of that post, I promised to provide an update when IDC published from market share reports.

So, as we were wrapping up Citrix Synergy – one of our most successful in our history – IDC released updated statistics on leaders within the Virtual Client Computing and Enterprise Mobility Management markets 1, 2 The data show how Citrix end user computing market share, which encompasses Virtual Client Computing and Enterprise Mobility Management, is more than double the nearest competitor.

  • IDC’s latest revenue estimates in the Virtual Client Computing market for 2015 show Citrix as the clear market share leader with revenue of $ 1.408B (1). If we define end-user computing – as our competitors often do – as VCC plus Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and add the IDC’s most recent EMM revenue estimates for Citrix of $143M, the total for Citrix is $1.551B (1+2). That’s double the revenue from any other vendor, including VMware (who IDC estimated had $781M in combined VCC and EMM revenue using the data from the same report).
  • End User Computing (EUC) is widely known to comprise Windows application and desktop virtualization and enterprise mobility management markets. That’s reinforced by the way many independent industry analyst firms track our market.

Why do we continue to lead? What is our secret to keeping our customers fiercely loyal to Citrix?

We continue to introduce groundbreaking innovations in our products, from XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile and ShareFile, and, of course, NetScaler.

Our partnership with Microsoft is stronger than ever, and now covers everything from mobility management to delivering workspaces from the cloud.

And while we’ve been leading the end user computing market for years, our innovation engine is accelerated. As our CEO Kirill Tatarinov said in his Citrix Synergy keynote, “Citrix is back.”

So yes, #EveryoneUsesCitrix. But stay tuned, because we have a lot of gas left in our innovation tank.

Source (1) IDC, Worldwide Virtual Client Computing Software Market Shares, 2015: Mobile Workforce Initiatives Drive Growth, May 2016
Source (2) IDC, Worldwide Enterprise Mobility Management Software Market Shares, 2015: Consolidation of Vendors and Market Share Changes the Landscape, May 2016