First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who submitted a story about how Citrix ShareFile has helped your business.

We had such a great time reading them. If you don’t see your story below, you just might see it in the future, so keep an eye out!

And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The winner is …

Erica Bills, Senior Auditor at Abraham & Gaffney, P.C.

[ShareFile] is a great feature to advertise when looking for new clients as a way of maintaining communication throughout the audit process.

The firm’s outcomes:

ShareFile has saved them close to $17,000/year in paper!

Our firm is continuously working towards an entire paper-free work environment and many of our clients who have smaller budgets appreciate the savings on paper costs.

ShareFile has also helped to increase their client base enough to support a third office location.

…last year at our ‘state of the firm’ meeting, it was noted the number of clients had increased while the number of clients lost had decreased.

Their story:

“ShareFile has been a great tool for our firm and clients. It is a great way to share information with our clients as well as for clients to get us information we need to complete our audits. Our typical audit process usually involves scanning in paper documents (usually copies) and saving them onto our server. Upon the completion of our audit, the copies are shredded/recycled. With ShareFile, the client can access their folder any time and can upload information whenever directly from their system. Many of our clients also appreciate the “saving paper” aspect. ShareFile is capable of handling larger files and documents that we wouldn’t be able to send/receive through our e-mail or scan in because of its unique size.

I think the biggest impact ShareFile has had on our business is it creates a less stressful environment for our client. Prior to performing our audits, we set a folder up on ShareFile, inform them of ShareFile, and provide them of a list of items we will need for the upcoming audit. This allows them to provide us information ahead of time (when they have time) rather than asking them repeatedly for items when we are at the client, which pulls them away from their daily responsibilities and can be overwhelming, stressful. This allows us to be better prepared, informed making the whole audit process much less stressful and improves our level of customer service. Happy clients leads to new clients and contract extensions. ShareFile has truly made the auditing process easy for us as well as our clients.”

Congratulations Erica on an incredible story, and thank you for using Citrix ShareFile!

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