In a very short amount of time, Cisco has come roaring into the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) space with their HyperFlex Systems solution.

More and more traditional Cisco UCS customers are realizing the value of HCI, and HyperFlex hits the mark on all fronts. Built on years of UCS excellence and experience, HyperFlex allows customers to setup the entire infrastructure including compute, storage and networking in under 1 hour. But that’s just the beginning. HyperFlex allows customers to streamline the overall management of an HCI deployment and reduce storage costs by up to 80% when compared to traditional deployments.

Smooth scalability is built in, too. Customers can start with just a few hundred users and grow to thousands of users over time, as demand warrants it. Citrix is proud to be Cisco’s VDI launch partner on HyperFlex. The combined solution offers superior HCI integration, performance and manageability. Citrix brings decades of app and desktop virtualization expertise with XenApp and XenDesktop running on Cisco HyperFlex. Together we provide customers with a comprehensive platform for dealing with key business needs including:

  • Windows 10 migration – HyperFlex plus XenDesktop provides customers with the best way for migrating to the new Windows 10 and for dealing with changes to the desktop OS going forward.
  • BYOD – We enable businesses to allow users secure access to business-critical apps and data on any device, even those that are owned by the users themselves.
  • Data security – Since all data and applications are secured in the data center, with no intellectual property residing at the end point, IT can be assured of minimizing loss of business-critical data while enabling a rich experience for end users
  • Fast provisioning – New apps and desktops can be provisioned to users, on any device type, in minutes.
  • Reduced costs – Leveraging Citrix’s centralized management of apps, data and desktops can reduce desktop and app management costs by up 90% and can extend the life of older end user devices or enable replacement of devices with newer, less expensive ones like Citrix HDX Pi or Chromebooks.

Read the Cisco white paper on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure here.

We have already seen customers flock toward Cisco HyperFlex plus Citrix XenDesktop.  Meander Medisch is a European healthcare customer who adopted the combined solution and got such great performance that their XenDesktop based VDI desktops perform better than their previous desktop installations. We look forward to providing our mutual customers with the best possible app and desktop virtualization platform by leveraging our combined, best-of-breed technologies. Be sure to check out the combined Cisco and Citrix solutions at Cisco Live in Las Vegas, July 10-14.

Citrix Mobilize Windows Banner 1_728x90-061715

Citrix Mobilize Windows Banner 1_728x90-061715