With the release of XenServer 7, we’ve made available our best virtualization platform yet. Only XenServer includes support for Intel’s virtual graphics (GVT-g), plus support for Linux graphical desktops with NVIDIA GRID vGPU and market-leading NVIDIA scalability to provide a superior user experience. It maximizes VM density and performance, while reducing infrastructure storage costs through In-Memory Read-Cache and IntelliCache making XenServer the absolute best virtualization platform to run your XenApp or XenDesktop workloads.

But wait! It gets even better. Citrix Lifecycle Management deploying and managing XenDesktop on XenServer delivers a truly better together experience.

Lifecycle Management streamlines the deployment and management of XenDesktop on a XenServer environment. Its easy to get started and deploy a quick XenDesktop Proof of Concept on XenServer.

Log on to http://lifecycle.cloud.com using your Citrix Cloud credentials.

If you do not have a Citrix Cloud account you can easily create one and request a free trial for Lifecycle Management.


Add Citrix XenServer as a resource location for Citrix Lifecycle Management.

A resource location is a hypervisor or a cloud that provides set of resources where you deploy your Citrix Lifecycle Management blueprints. Native integration of Lifecycle Management with XenServer enables Lifecycle Management to access your XenServer environment to provision and configure the machines required.


Add the XenDesktop Proof of Concept Blueprint to your library.


Deploy the XenApp and XenDesktop Proof of Concept blueprint using the Deploy Wizard and choose your XenServer environment as the target resource location.


Once the Deployment has been kicked off, you can monitor the progress of the deployment using the Manage page.

It may take 60-90 minutes for the deployment to finish.


Once the blueprint has been deployed, you can also monitor the health of your XenDesktop environment, create alerts, automatically take corrective actions based on application-specific metrics and also improve availability and performance with redundancy, automatic scaling and disaster recovery.

Citrix Lifecycle Management also includes XenDesktop production blueprint and several other blueprints such XenMobile and NetScaler blueprints that you can use to deploy these environments on your XenServer host or cluster.

In Summary, Citrix Lifecycle Management with XenServer and XenDesktop deliver a truly better together experience. You can get started today by requesting a free trial at http://lifecycle.cloud.com. You can also keep up with all the exciting new developments and enhancements happening in the Lifecycle Management world by following us @LifecycleManage

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