Citrix Lifecycle Management is a great solution to quickly deploy XenApp or XenDesktop environments, and Login VSI is one of the first Citrix Ready partners to create a blueprint with Citrix Lifecycle Management.

Why use Citrix Lifecycle Management?

Citrix Lifecycle Management is a comprehensive cloud-based lifecycle management solution to accelerate and simplify the design, deployment and on-going management of Citrix and enterprise applications.

Supporting all types of IT workloads across virtual and private/public cloud environments, Citrix Lifecycle Management enables IT organizations to become faster, more cost-effective and more agile. Built on a blueprint-based architecture, Citrix Lifecycle Management provides a unified, and standardized set of management tools for rapid and best-practice-driven design, deployment, and management of Citrix workloads and enterprise applications. Citrix Lifecycle Management includes out-of-the-box blueprints for XenDesktop, XenApp, XenMobile and Citrix Workspace Suite.

What Login VSI blueprint can do?

Just by installing Citrix Cloud Connectors on your Environment, you will be able to quickly—in just a few clicks—deploy a Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop environment, Active Directory Domain Controller and Login VSI to your infrastructure. This dramatically decreases the amount of time required to get started with Login VSI. After the blueprint has been deployed, setup a delivery group within Citrix, then apply a license to Login VSI so testing can begin.


Select the Login VSI blueprint from the Blueprint Catalog for a quick deployment

Want to get started with Citrix Lifecycle Management and Login VSI?

When building Citrix environments either onsite or in the cloud, you want to make sure you are delivering the best performance to your end users. This is where the goals of Login VSI and Citrix perfectly align. Citrix Lifecycle Management gives you the opportunity to configure and build these environments in a few clicks.

The Login VSI blueprint creates a standalone installation of XenDesktop solution with a SQL Server Express database, XenDesktop Controller, Citrix Studio, Storefront and a Citrix License Server. A Windows Server will also be installed with Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) which may be configured for shared desktops or server VDI. The final optional step of this blueprint is to configure a NetScaler Gateway to provide secure remote access to XenDesktop. Login VSI will be installed to execute performance tests after deployment.

CLM blueprint approach dramatically ease the process of building these environments. You can now swap, reuse, delete and copy environments after they are used instead of having to be careful so they can also be used in a next project. Developers no longer need to spend their valuable time building these test environments and repeatedly.

So if you are looking for a way to quickly prototype a Citrix environment and validate its performance with Login VSI.

Follow the simple process explained below-

Step 1:

Add your resource location, in this case we are using Hyper-V as hypervisor and for connector’s we are using Windows OS, Select Hyper-V resource and Download the agent for Windows OS and Install it.


Step 2:

Select the blueprint that you would like to acquire from the Catalog,


Step 3:

Choose the blueprint and click “Deploy”


Step 4:

Give the deployment a name and if you have done a similar deployment before select a deployment profile so most settings are pre-configured.


Step 5:

Feed some basic information – a Netscaler, Domain controller and the Server VDA for XenApp or XenDesktop. Last but not least, select the datacenter in which you want to deploy the environment.


Step 6:

Now its time to configure the environment, enter the domain name you like? Where shall you install Login VSI?


Step 7:

After all of these settings are configured, sit back and wait for the deployment to complete


Simplest deployment ever in few clicks, Thanks to Login VSI for blueprint.

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  • Deploy Login VSI blueprint from here

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