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If you are already a Citrix Cloud customer, you may have noticed a new feature called IoT Automation in the Labs section.

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Clicking “Try It” takes you to the landing page of our new IoT App Store. From there, you can select one of four IoT automation categories (Workspace, Security, Monitoring & Alerts, and Workflow). We chose these initial categories to get you thinking how IoT automations can positively affect your business processes and working environments.

After making your selection, you will see a variety of featured Octoblu IoT automations using various Citrix services including: Sharefile, Podio, Netscaler, Storefront, XenApp, XenDesktop and XenMobile.

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Starting with the first automation, we can automatically copy all of your Dropbox files to Sharefile. By clicking automate, we can walk you through a simple configuration wizard.

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This process allows you to authenticate with both Dropbox and Sharefile and setup the from and to paths for copying files.  Upon clicking “Deploy”, your new file transfer automation is successfully deployed and running in the Octoblu cloud!

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Now you can choose whether to run this automation one time by clicking on the trigger button or via a webhook by posting to the trigger’s URL or you can add an Interval node to the flow so that Octoblu is checking for new files to copy every second, hour, or day!

Imagine being able to blink your office lights every time someone updates a file that you are watching. How about adding an email or SMS based approval process to a workflow where documents get moved to different folders or states in a business process?  I personally enjoy watching my office lights change colors based on Twitter and Slack sentiment analysis about our products and projects!

Imagine what else you could automate using Octoblu!