Using biometric systems, such as fingerprint readers, can greatly increase the security of your electronic devices, including your personal computer, company computers and the priceless data on your devices. Aratek TL-FRO500 Fingerprint scanner is an encryption device that will help in secure authentication. This will be connected to the endpoint via a USB cable.

There are 2 types of configuration for this device:

  1. TL-FRO500 is connected directly to the Workstation
  2. TL-FRO500 is connected to the machine, which is in Domain

In this blog, I will concentrate on how TL-FRO500 works with XenDesktop VDA session

  1. Install TrustMe server component which could be downloaded from on the Delivery Controller and configure it
  2. Connect TL-FRO500 to a Workstation
  3. Driver gets installed on Workstation (if not, install them manually)
  4. Launch the VDAusing StoreFront
  5. Install TrustMe Workstation component on the VDA and configure it
  6. Restart the VDA
  7. When prompted for the credentials, scan the finger using TL-PRO500 and login to the VDA

Aratek TL-FRO500 has been verified as Citrix Ready with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR and is listed in Citrix Ready Marketplace here. For more details about TL-PRO500, you can visit Aratek’s website:

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