Citrix Ready Product Image / LogoWacom and Citrix have been partnering for a while now to deliver solutions that help you embrace a complete paperless mobile workspace. The STU430V is yet another addition to that portfolio. So we are excited to bring to you the new Wacom STU430V Signature Pad for your existing XenApp 6.5 deployments!

The STU430V is a full-featured, monochrome signature pad with a thin design and a low-profile, flat surface. The STU-430V supports VCP mode for use with XenApp 6.5. You can read more details about it and also reach out to Wacom for a demo via the Citrix Ready marketplace page.

Below are quick plug-and-play instructions to help you get started. All you need to ensure is access to the STU430V, its drivers and the appropriate STU SDK.

  1. Assign a COM port less than 9 say COM7 (COM ports greater than 9 need special configuration ( To do this, right click the USB Serial Port in the Device Manager and select Properties, then go to Port Settings and Advanced button.
  2. Use ‘net use’ command followed by COM ports that you want to map between the server and endpoint. In the screenshot below, COM7 is that of the endpoint and the COM2 is that of the XenApp Server VDA.2
  1. Confirm current mapping using ‘net use’ command without further parameters to show what the current mapping looks like.
  2. Install the FTDI driver on the endpoint and the VDA.
  3. Below screenshot shows pen activity options available to test in the firmware.
  4. Demo Buttons are also included to test from the STU SDK.

Wish you all the best and happy testing.

Go green! Go paperless!

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