The results of the Citrix Ready VDI Capacity Program (Phase II) are now live and we are pleased to announce our Citrix Ready partners who qualified in the program.

What problem does Citrix Ready VDI Capacity Program solve?

Citrix Ready launched Phase II of the VDI Capacity Program to provide a unique platform for different storage vendors to showcase their solution interoperability without reaching storage latency thresholds with Citrix XenDesktop and being able to do so in a cost-effective design.

At Citrix Ready, we are committed to help IT leaders make better purchase decisions when choosing various options that work with Citrix.

Over the years IT leaders have relied on Citrix XenDesktop as the top class desktop virtualization product that addresses their broad variety of end-user needs, including task workers, knowledge works, and power users, streamlining management and costs. This is achieved by consolidating and centralizing the desktop while delivering end-users mobility and the freedom to securely access virtual desktops any time, from anywhere and on any device.

However this simplifies only one part of the overall VDI deployment design challenge. IT leaders are under immense pressure to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with in-place storage infrastructure. Hence choosing a right storage solution that is well-integrated, high performing, cost-effective, reliable and easily manageable is critical for effective deployment and end-user satisfaction.

Which Citrix Ready storage partners met our criteria?

We invited traditional storage players to showcase their ability to support a realistic Citrix XenDesktop workload leveraging Citrix Provisioning Services in a simulated 1,500-user or 3000-user environment. Six partners met the program criteria. These partners and their storage solutions are the listed below (in alphabetical order):

  • Atlantis USX software defined storage system
  • EMC XtremIO storage system
  • NetApp® All Flash FAS storage system
  • Pivot3 N5-500 Hybrid Flash Array
  • Pure Storage FlashArray//m storage system
  • Tintri VMstore storage system

The details of the success criteria, test methodology and how the participants performed in comparison to each other are open for your purview on the web link as shared above.

What’s next?

Citrix Ready is here to enable you with the power of choice and to ease your purchasing decisions about Citrix-compatible products and solutions. Keeping this in mind, we strive to launch a variety of specialized technical programs and address some of the common barriers that organizations face before transforming their VDI deployments. We are also aware of the increasing adoption and mindshare of integrated systems, and would like to definitely help you evaluate new workloads and data center modernization initiatives.

Feel free to fill out our survey to suggest what you would like us to help you evaluate next. 3D workload performance? Security solutions? TCO of hyperconverged integrated systems? Thin Clients? Zero Clients? Popular ISV workloads on Citrix Cloud with Microsoft Azure? Other Combinations? As Captain Planet says ‘The power is yours’!



The web page also contains links to detailed white papers custom built to describe how each of these storage partners overcomes the traditional “benchmarks” in VDI deployments. These white papers will help you evaluate different traditional storage options for your organization with a 1500/3000 user workload XenDesktop VDI deployment in mind. Each whitepaper includes details such as LoginVSI load testing results, total IOPS availability of the solution and the storage cost per user to help you effectively measure TCO when integrated in your VDI deployment.

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