Blog Updated 9/9/2016: The License Usage Insights Service is no longer in preview – it is now available on a non-preview basis to all Citrix Service Provider partners. Elements of this post has been updated to reflect this. Learn more.

Citrix Service Provider partners leveraging the License Usage Insights (LUI) Service now benefit from two new features that increase understanding of monthly license usage and historic business with Citrix.

  • Monthly license usage breakdown for each license server
  • New trend and data visualization for historic business with Citrix

The License Usage Insights Service in Citrix Cloud is a FREE service that was made available in March of this year for all Citrix Service Provider partners. Learn more about the service and getting started in this previous post.

New! Total monthly license usage broken down by license server


Monitor and react to actual subscriber use to grow your business

For Citrix Service Providers deploying and managing multiple XenApp and XenDesktop environments, understanding license usage for each is critical. By knowing the “active use” of hosted service offerings, you gain valuable insight into how customers are actually consuming the services they purchased.

If a customer is paying for 100 monthly subscribers but only 50 users are actually logging in each month – there might be a problem. Insight into monthly license usage data enables you to be proactive and take action with additional customer support, education or service sales.

Understand monthly license usage per customer

For many service providers, a dedicated Citrix environment (and thus license server) is deployed for each customer. When using this delivery model, monthly license usage per-license server maps directly to monthly license usage per customer – enabling you to understand monthly active use for those customers. In the future, the LUI service will also tackle per-customer usage reporting within multi-tenant Citrix deployments.

Differentiate production vs. lab, test and trial environments

Usage data per license server helps service providers separate and track production vs. test, lab or demo environments. With a clear usage summary for each license server, you can easily understand what license usage occurred in production customer environments and differentiate it from usage occurring in test lab or trial environments. This clarity saves you time by simplifying your monthly license reporting routine and money by avoiding overpayment for trial licenses.

New! Easily view and trend your license reporting history


Access your lifetime reporting history with Citrix

Have you ever wondered how many Citrix virtual app and desktop subscribers you had exactly one year ago? How about understanding your subscriber growth over the past 6 months, 12 months or lifetime with Citrix? Now you can with the new History feature in the License Usage Insights Service!

Historic data and powerful views at your fingertips

When onboarding to the LUI service, Citrix Service Providers gain access to their lifetime of license usage reports with Citrix. This data represents the license utilization data that you have previously reported to your Citrix Distributor (who then invoices you appropriately). Citrix Distributors pass that information on to Citrix and we store it securely in our back office. The LUI service has tapped into that data source and made it available as a feature in the License Usage Insights service.

Benefit from a cloud first approach to license usage collection and reporting

Since the License Usage Insights Service is available via Citrix Cloud, updates and new features happen automatically without any installation or updates required by service providers. Using a cloud based approach, Citrix helps you aggregate and organize license usage in one place across a variety of environments by combining product call home with a cloud service – dramatically simplifying usage collection and monthly reporting.

Participate in service roadmap and new feature development

License usage breakdown per-license server was by far the #1 requested feature and top feedback from early adopters. In Citrix Cloud, it’s easier than ever to provide feedback to product and support teams about your experience and what features would best help you meet your business goals and objectives.


Get started today; it’s FREE!

Current Citrix Service Provider partners can simplify monthly license reporting and better understand active licenses across each customer environment by onboarding to the LUI service in just a few simple steps. Get onboard today and help shape the next features of LUI!

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