A little while back, a movie called ‘Flash of Genius’ told the story of Robert Kearns – the man who invented the industry-breaking intermittent wiper blades by modeling them after the human eye. Many of us don’t notice this simple, yet brilliant, functionality because nowadays it’s pretty much seen as the ‘norm’. That may be so, but, this is a ‘norm’ that revolutionized the driving experience forever.

So, too, with virtualization.

Outdated conventional IT methods are causing untold growing pains in businesses, industries and markets of all sizes. Many organizations feel like they’re are driving blind against increased demand to do more with less – from increasing productivity to tightening security, provisioning remote access for employees or contingent workers – all while reducing costs and complexities.

So, how can businesses break free from these traditional barriers and restraints? With a secure app and desktop delivery solution from Citrix.

App Virtualization and VDI: Nobody does it better

In Forrester’s 26-criteria evaluation of server- hosted virtual desktop vendors, Citrix stands alone in best user experience, differentiation and solution viability across the widest range of use cases.

And while many other vendors can boast customers a choice between app or desktop virtualization, Citrix is uniquely positioned to provide both in a single, highly customized and flexible solution. In fact, our virtualized solutions are proven to be the most agile, mobile, secure way for organizations of all sizes to break through and say yes to a new era.

New eras + new partner conversations = new opportunities.

We’re keeping the #CitrixPartnerLove momentum going with this winning formula to open new conversations. That’s why we’re excited to launch an all new, partner-exclusive campaign to help you find and connect with customers who are mired in old IT and get them started on a path to revolutionizing the way they work—and live.

Easily identify the real-world challenges that your clients are facing with app and desktop virtualization. Whether it’s tightening up on security and compliance, transforming OS migration from a sinkhole to a snap, simplifying workers’ lives with BYOD, or slashing IT budgets—we’ve equipped you with everything you need to build, customize and execute a campaign in minutes. Take a look at these leading examples of how app and desktop virtualization can help solve real customer challenges, including:

#1 OS migration? Solved.

How many customers are delaying the move to Windows 10? Over 65%. And it’s no wonder. Many are still reeling from the massive drain on manpower and resources caused by migration from XP to Windows 7.

Only XenApp and XenDesktop—including AppDNA for AppDisk, the industry’s most powerful application migration and remediation analysis tool—transforms OS upgrades and browser updates into non-events, while provisioning new apps to thousands of users in minutes.

Employees stay productive, users have a seamless interface, and IT can get on with more strategic initiatives.

# 2: Security loopholes? Closed 

Traditional IT has set itself up to be inefficient.

Software problems require personnel to travel from place to place to fix problems. Users are limited to certain locations and certain devices. And with data spread across the organization, hospitals and financial institutions are increasingly vulnerable to security breaches, compliance missteps, even tablets getting lost at the airport—not to mention sophisticated phishing, custom malware and targeted hacking. Companies are spackling the holes as fast as they can, but many are running out of options.

With desktop virtualization, IT shifts to a single point of access, with sensitive info kept secure in the central data center, limiting actions based on both user identity and the endpoint device.

The result? Better security, data protection and compliance management. Personal devices can flow freely into every organization, users can enjoy a complete mobile workspace on any device they choose over any network while IT maintains full security and control.

# 3: Costs? Slashed 

Another common scenario: struggling companies burdened with aging PCs, high IT costs, and workers who are in the field most of the time. They need new servers and workstations, and better tools to stay competitive.

XenDesktop enables IT to provide immediate access to corporate and legacy apps on any Windows 10 device, corporate or BYOD, without the time and cost of manual deployment across every location in the business. Old laptops and PCs, thin clients and other non-Windows 10 compliant devices can deliver the same high-performance experience as those using newer endpoints.

The Citrix advantage? A reported 70% savings.

Ready to start a revolution? It begins with a few drops in the bucket.

Start here (log in required) by accessing Citrix MarketingIQ. Here you’ll find the talking points, best use cases, helpful infographics and customizable emails that you can use to co-brand and generate leads in minutes. Fully packaged and ready to go, we’ve done all the leg work for you – all you have to do is open the door.

Want to keep the conversation going?

Drive your conversations deeper with the Mid Market Success Kits. Explore a wealth of materials and actionable items that you can execute today to help target specific app and desktop virtualization use cases, which also feature industry-level conversations for Healthcare and Financial Services verticals.

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