Great user experience is comprised of simplicity and performance. At Citrix we’re working hard to make our products as simple to use and as responsive as possible.

3 Areas Where Citrix Outperforms VMware HorizonFrom an end-user perspective, the ideal for which we’re striving is to become completely invisible. This means, simply, a user should not be able to tell if an application is delivered via XenApp or if it is installed natively on their device – there should be no discernible difference.

For example, users should be able to launch published applications from the Start Menu, via an icon on the Desktop or by asking Cortana to do it. If the user needs to interact with a local peripheral like a USB key, this should become available to the app instantly and without the need for any configuration. Also the performance of the application, like when you start the app or print from it, should be the same as a locally installed app.

In contrast, other vendors like VMware do not focus on end user experience as much. This causes significant differences in the user-to-application interaction, which is highlighted in the video below:

Interested in comparing more features? Check out the on-demand webinar, “Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon? See the difference.

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PS: Some specs for the geeks


Virtual Machine based on Virtual Box 5.0.20

  • 2 CPU
  •  4 GB RAM

Windows 10 Enterprise x86 – Build 10240

Citrix Receiver – 14.4.1000.16

VMware Horizon Client –

Win2PDF Printer – 10.0.06


Virtual Machine based on vSphere 6 – Update 2

  • 2 CPU
  • 4 GB RAM

Windows 2012 R2 + latest hotfixes for April 2016

Office Professional Plus 2016 (the PPTX slide deck has 80 slides, with text and graphics mixed, and is 12.4MB in size)

Citrix XenApp VDA

VMware Horizon Agent


Endpoint connected (via bridged adapter) to Apposite Linktrophy 4500 @ 2Mbit/s, 100ms RTT, 0% loss

vSphere server connected to a D-Link DGS 1210-16 gigabit switch @ 1GBit/s

Apposite Linktrophy 4500 connected to D-Link DGS 1210-16 gigabit switch @ 1GBit/s (same as vSphere server)

Active Directory / XenApp / Horizon

Default configurations only

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