This is a continuation of my recent blog post: Citrix Cloud changes the game for IT Admins. Inspired by the Citrix Synergy Solutions Demo Sandbox success, I am thrilled to showcase the simplicity and the ease Citrix Cloud offers to administrators.

Easily Add Administrators

Since I was partnered with other solution experts for the Solutions Demo Sandbox at Synergy, I added them to Citrix Cloud as admins, so they could help out with the management of the environment – delegating the most critical or advanced tasks to only me as the demo lead. Customers will benefit from the same features in Citrix Cloud, as they enable multiple actors within their organization or invite partners to view and help with administration and management of their Citrix environment.


One of the biggest factors that accelerated and simplified this year’s deployment was that I didn’t have to build my own XenDesktop site – I simply consumed it as a service!

The XenApp and XenDesktop Service in Citrix Cloud provides the Desktop Delivery Controller, Citrix Studio, Storefront, NetScaler Gateway, Citrix License Server and the associated Databases needed to support the Application and Desktop delivery. As an admin, I only needed to build out the “Resource Location” – where the VDAs live and the apps are installed. This made my life simple because I could focus on the key elements of our demo experience. I could skip the building and management all the core infrastructure needed for users to connect and for sessions to be brokered to the right session host machines.

Citrix customers and partners get similar benefits from Citrix Cloud – directing focus on the core business, applications, customers and improving end user experience. Citrix Cloud also saves valuable admin configuration time and resources that is usually invested in the building of XenApp and XenDesktop infrastructure, which includes the storefront, gateway service components including the DNS and certificates needed for the access.

XenApp and XenDesktop Service ready for configuration.

Delivering Apps and Desktops Using Gateway as a Service


By far, the biggest simplification and time savings this year was skipping the NetScaler setup altogether! We enabled external session launch without having to deploy a NetScaler at all – we simply flipped a switch in Citrix Cloud!

By taking advantage of the Citrix Cloud Connector, we connected users from anywhere to VDAs that resided in our resource location (private cloud). The Cloud Connector only requires outbound connectivity on port 443, avoiding any special networking requirements (such as opening ports on the external firewall). In addition to a secure design, the Connector is simple and fast to deploy – making it easy to connect your cloud(s) or datacenter to Citrix Cloud.

Simplify management of IT workloads across virtual, private or public cloud using Citrix Lifecycle Management

swar_1 swar_3

As an IT admin, you may get requests to provision additional Citrix infrastructure, and configure them to meet on-demand company business needs. Citrix Lifecycle Management offers you a consistent, optimal, and time efficient way to do automated deployment of Citrix certified blueprints for various Citrix product lines.

In the Sandbox, we were able to showcase the ease and fastness of this feature by deploying a XenApp and XenDesktop blueprint using Citrix Lifecycle Management to our Citrix XenServer hosted in the IBM SoftLayer. From the Sandbox, folks were able to deploy the sandbox blueprint, monitor progress and see it succeed with the short time frame. As an admin, this tool offers tremendous scope, the ability for the admin to tweak the blueprint to meet the customize requirements and the value add functionality to streamline updates and scaling. All in all, it brings peace of mind to an admin using Citrix workloads.

ShareFile – Secure file sharing, storage, sync for your users anywhere, anytime


In the past, I needed to have multiple consoles open, but now I can just use a browser — the ability to change services within a single pane of glass. There is only a single administrator credential that I need to worry about, not one per-system or product. This administrator has access to all the services that Citrix Cloud offers.

The ShareFile Drive Mapper solution that we integrated to XenApp and XenDesktop experience in the Sandbox showcased how easy is to integrate Citrix Product solutions and the ease of access presented to the end user to start consuming the services. As an admin, I don’t have to worry about the user needing to log into their ShareFile account online to get access to files, sync, etc. The files are presented to the end user securely as a mapped drive which contains the files that the user needs to do their job. When they are done, upload it back and its gets re-syncs on demand – how easy it is!

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.35.15 AM

Secure Browser Service – Clientless secure access to your web applications


Most Citrix admins have published a browser-based web app or URL in the past… but it’s never been this easy! All we had to do in the Sandbox was highlight the resource location design, add a Citrix resource location and tap into internal web apps (instead of having to deploy web app systems in the demo environment).

Secure Browser offers a clean and straightforward way to publish your applications and deliver them securely to your end user.


As an administrator, the infrastructure footprint and delivery mechanism overhead, compared to a traditional model, was zero.

Overall, as an administrator of the platform, you are presented with easy 24/7 access to Citrix Cloud. You are in full control of the infrastructure without having the overhead to setup requirements from scratch. Citrix Cloud Connector provides secure and highly available access from your resource locations to the Citrix Cloud, from a traditional, hybrid and fully cloud based deployment model administrators can bring sites and resources online and deliver solution with quicker turnaround and efficiency.

Citrix Cloud offers admins various options to be agile, productive and meet the customer wherever and whenever! Using a single pane of glass, admins have full visibility into the resources and have complete control over the resources 24x7x365 days without needing to set up infrastructure, monitoring, and maintenance overhead. Citrix Cloud provides cutting edge technologies to IT admins in an efficient and agile model to meet modern IT admin’s needs.

Interested in exploring what Citrix Cloud can offer? – sign up at and start exploring by requesting a trial!

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