Storage is the key element to deliver superior VDI and app delivery experience, and we are pleased to say that our Citrix Ready partner, Pure Storage, has expanded their high-quality storage solutions with the launch of an expanded Evergreen(TM) Storage Assurance Program.

Citrix Ready and Pure Storage

As a Citrix Ready partner, Pure Storage has been working with Citrix to not only reduce cost and simplify deployment for joint customers worldwide, but also create enhanced value through ongoing performance and capacity upgrades offered with the Evergreen Storage assurance program.

Pure Storage also participated in the Citrix Ready VDI Capacity Validation Program (Phase II). The program was designed with the goal to define the VDI storage workload without reaching storage latency threshold and to do so with a cost-effective design. And, Pure Storage successfully completed the program, based on the results from the required test cases. Learn How Pure Storage Complements Citrix XenDesktop.

Pure Storage continues to pioneer the Evergreen Storage model, which enables customers to easily acquire, run and upgrade existing storage non-disruptively with comprehensive investment protection. Pure Storage helps in reducing costs and simplify deployment for our joint customers by enhancing the value through Forever Flash, an evergreen maintenance model.

Introducing Forever Flash

Forever Flash is a key business model component of Evergreen Storage, which helps our customers run and upgrade the storage over time with full investment protection. With Forever Flash, Pure Storage can regularly modernize the storage at no extra charge. Maintenance and support for all storage system components, including flash and new controller upgrades will be bundled with the 3-year support renewal.

The Right-Size Guarantee

Pure Storage’s proven 2X better data reduction ensures that you get efficient and cost-effective storage. Buyers want effective capacity without worrying about undersizing due to data reduction, thin provisioning, system efficiency or any other variables behind the effective capacity outcome. With the Right-Size Guarantee, Pure Storage guarantees the effective capacity outcome itself!

What Evergreen Storage Means for Business

The Evergreen Storage model from Pure Storage saves time, money and resources spent on running legacy infrastructure, hence, enables you to drive your organization’s mission! Evergreen Storage provides a powerful boost to critical initiatives and empowers critical business & IT transformation.

With Capacity Consolidation, customers can, for the first time, keep scaling their storage up while simultaneously shrinking their physical storage footprint – all non-disruptively, and without having to re-buy their capacity.

Read more about Pure Storage on the Citrix Ready Marketplace. To find out how we can help you to do more, faster, write to us today!

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