Citrix Receiver 7.0 for iOS is now available in the Apple App Store with some great new features including support for session reliability, IPv6 support and the introduction of an HDX SDK.

Session Reliability

Session reliability is especially important when iPad and iPhone users are on the move. Session reliability:

  • Enables a seamless user experience. Users can continue working without having to re-authenticate after a temporary network disruption if connectivity is restored within three minutes.
  • Alerts users when network connectivity is lost. The user’s app or desktop session displays a clear indication of a network disruption instead of freezing without indication of cause.

A couple of examples can help illustrate the value that session reliability offers.

First, consider a situation where a user is in a conference room taking notes on an iPad Pro using the OneNote app within their published desktop. The meeting ends and they shut down their device to move on to the next meeting in another conference room. With session reliability, when the user arrives at the next meeting and powers on the iPad Pro, it picks up where they left off without asking for re-authentication because the user came back online within three minutes of shutting the device earlier. As with local apps, Receiver 7.0 for iOS creates an instant-start user experience with published apps and desktops on the iOS devices.

Second, consider a situation where a user is running an app or desktop on their iPad and moves to an area of a building where there is inconsistent network connectivity. If the network drops, they are presented with a dialogue box that lets them know the device is no longer connected rather than just a frozen unresponsive screen (see Figure 1 below). A countdown timer is then presented to let the user know for how long Receiver will try to reconnect.

Citrix Receiver

IPv6 Support

Apple recently mandated that all apps submitted to the App Store after June 1, 2016 support IPv6 and Receiver 7.0 complies with this requirement. Combined with an IPv6 XenApp/XenDesktop environment, this provides end-to-end support. In addition, hybrid IPv6 scenarios are also supported—where the client supports IPv6 but the back-end XenApp/XenDesktop is still running in an IPv4 environment.


HDX SDK for Receiver 7.0 for iOS is a software development kit (SDK) that enables customers, independent software vendors (ISVs) and other partners to add the “HDX engine” to their own enterprise mobile apps. This gives them the ability to launch ICA files and support the full HDX user experience without having Citrix Receiver installed on user devices. Users seamlessly launch a XenApp or XenDesktop session from within their own native mobile app, avoiding any changes to user behavior or helpdesk calls. See the blog “[Insert your apps name here] powered by Citrix HDX” for more information on the business value of HDX SDK.

The latest Receiver contains innovative features to enhance the experience for both end users and IT admins. Download Receiver 7.0 for iOS today and share your feedback with us in the comments below.

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