Citrix is pleased to announce the release of XenMobile 10.3.6, a quality-driven release with new Worx apps and XenMobile Supportability Tools. XenMobile 10.3.6 components include Worx Home, Worx apps, MDX Toolkit and XenMobile Server.

With XenMobile 10.3.6, Citrix is helping customers address some of their greatest challenges associate with deploying and maintaining EMM.

  • How can I elevate my mobile strategy to something that can transform the entire business? Citrix XenMobile is revolutionizing the way IT thinks about mobile app strategy by providing a new platform which allows non-technical workers a simple way of creating and publishing their own mobile apps and workflows. Secure Forms provides business innovation not available from any other EMM vendor in the market.
  • How can I combat the complexities associated with EMM? EMM is inherently complex due to multiple technology layers, mobile operating systems and device preferences, all of which are eternally fluid. XenMobile 10.3.6 delivers quality and stability through a combination of customer reported feedback, comprehensive internal testing and third-party penetration testing. In addition, we’re introducing new supportability tools that allow IT to quickly and proactively troubleshoot their mobile environments end-to-end. These new tools which include the XenMobile Analyzer Tool and a Self-Service ADS Portal are described below.
  • I’m worried that my employees are using consumer-built messaging apps to share sensitive information. What should I do? Many of us learned some hard lessons when Dropbox adoption skyrocketed a few years ago. If IT didn’t sanction Dropbox or provide a secure, easy to use alternative, employees were going to use it anyway. Today, we’re hearing similar frustrations from IT around messaging. Employees are going to use messaging whether IT likes it or not. WorxChat, available for preview allows IT to leverage their existing Lync/Skype for Business infrastructure to deliver a consumer-like secure messaging experience.

XenMobile 10.3.6 feature highlights:

Quality-Driven Release – More than 100 customer-reported issues have been resolved with XenMobile 10.3.6. A complete list of Known Issues and Fixed Issues will be available soon.

Secure Forms – Provide non-technical users an easy way to mobilize business processes by creating, publishing, populating and storing digitized versions of commonly used forms. Unlike traditional cloud-based forms services, Secure Forms integrates with both on-prem and cloud-based file stores providing the highest levels of data security. Secure Forms is currently available as part of XenMobile Enterprise Edition.

New XenMobile supportability tools – The XenMobile Team is committed to providing our customers with new tools aimed at increased network visibility, streamlined troubleshooting and maximized availability.

  • XenMobile Analyzer Tool – The new XenMobile Analyzer Tool is a cloud-based solution that allows XenMobile administrators to diagnose issues proactively and in real time. XenMobile Analyzer environmental checks can identify device issues, user enrollment issues and authentication issues. Numerous use cases and deployment options are supported included MDM, MDM + MAM, MAN-only, 5 different authentication scenarios and both iOS and Android mobile environments. Take a look at the demonstration video of the Analyzer Tool below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.41.12 PM

  • Self-Service Auto-Discovery Portal – The Citrix Auto-Discovery Service simplifies the enrollment process for users by enabling them to enroll their devices using their corporate network user names and passwords rather than requiring them to enter the server information and address for the XenMobile Device Manager server. The current process of enabling this service requires IT to navigate to the Citrix Support Portal , open a ticket and provide specific deployment information. In conjunction with the XenMobile 10.3.6 release a new Self-Service Auto-Discovery Portal will be available which allows IT to upload the required deployment information directly to the Auto-Discovery Service without having to open a support ticket.
  • XenMobile Deployment Guide – A new comprehensive Deployment Guide provides detailed instructions for multiple deployment use cases for EMM. This tool will provide XenMobile partners and customers with a resource that can be referenced during XenMobile POC’s, installations and troubleshooting exercises.

Updated XenMobile Management Tools Page

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 3.09.49 PM

New XenMobile client side workflow improvements

  • WorxMail – Work more efficiently with .vcard support for importing/exporting contacts.
  • WorxMail – Attach files from ShareFile Connectors and Restricted Storage Zones (iOS only).
  • WorxMail – Exchange Server 2016 certified/validated.
  • WorxMail – Android x86 devices certified/validated.
  • WorxMail and ShareFile – Improved single sign-on experience for document workflows (Android).
  • WorxWeb – Avoid disruptions and distractions with blocked pop-ups turned on by default.

New MDX/MAM security policies and use-cases

  • Whitelist WiFi Networks – MDX container can be locked if the user’s device is not connected to a whitelisted WiFi SSID network.
  • Shared device use-case for MAM – Support ShareFile accounts for multiple users on a single device without requiring re-enrollment.

WorxChat (Preview 2) – Worx Chat, a secure “MDX-enabled” Microsoft Lync client, allows IT to confidently enable users to communicate and collaborate with secure messaging. Preview 2 includes support for Skype for Business server and the Android client. WorxChat adds value to existing investments in MS Lync and Skype infrastructures with additional workflows not available with the native Lync client. Value-added features include typing indicator, read and delivered receipts, WorxMail, WorxWeb and ShareFile integration and enhanced presence. For more information on how you can preview WorxChat click HERE.

For more detailed information on the XenMobile 10.3.6 release, please visit our documentation source at

We hope you’re as happy as we are with XenMobile 10.3.6. Let us know what you think on Twitter! @XenMobile

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