If you followed my live blogs from Citrix Synergy 2016, you know I previewed the most in-demand sessions for each day of the conference based on number of attendees. Now it’s time to look at the top sessions by survey response, which gives us a window into attendee impressions of their experience.

A little bit of background might be useful here. Training is your number one reason for coming back to Citrix Synergy each year, and we spend thousands of hours planning labs and sessions that will give you a great return on your conference investment. Developing sessions requires coordinated efforts from product teams, executives and the event planning team, and we take attendee feedback very seriously in order to make sessions as valuable as they can be.

You can watch these top-rated sessions on demand on SynergyTV, the exclusive conference channel. I’ve included links to each, or you can visit SynergyTV to watch all of the breakout sessions. If you attended Synergy, you can also download session presentations from your My Synergy Account (a few of these are also available on SlideShare for non-attendees). Let’s jump in to the comments!

SYN101: Citrix CTO Perspective: The Application Delivery Continuum

“Gave Citrix great credibility to have really smart people sharing the vision, and be able to connect to the audience in such an entertaining manner.”

“Good perspective in explaining the transformation of IT.”

“The content was remarkably practical for a CTO presentation.”

SYN107: Deliver Skype for Business with XenApp and XenDesktop

“One of the best sessions at Synergy.”

“This feature is highly requested by our users and the presenters did a great job explaining.”

“Recommend: This subject in particular has been very eagerly pursued in my environment. Bringing this update into the environment is going to be a top priority. The information presented was detailed enough to get a good indication of difficulty.”

SYN108: What’s new—XenApp & XenDesktop

“This was a great overview of current and new features. Good content. Helps with planning future strategies.”

“Fast and easy way to get updated on the latest new features and what to expect for the future. The information presented was very interesting.”

“There was a wealth of great information. I would recommend anyone attend this session.”

SYN216: Maximize monitoring with the latest Citrix Director

“This is key to anyone running VDI infrastructure. Having the ability to see the most pertinent information as it relates to VDI is huge and it showed that what is important to the clients are important to Citrix.”

“Learned a lot of new stuff about Director. I want to upgrade!”

“Very informative with great article reference and tips.”

SYN217: Never let me down again: the future of XenApp and XenDesktop upgrades

“Awesome content, wasn’t expecting to discuss as much about the new features and that was great. I learned a bunch.”

“The presenters were very knowledgeable and engaging.”

“It’s good to see active efforts and tangible steps that are offered to help with future-proofing upgrades.”

“They covered a lot of information and detailed all the new features. They worked well as a team and I enjoyed the presentation.”

SYN220: XenApp and XenDesktop security best practices

“I would recommend this because it actually covered a lot a lot of high-overview ideas and practices that we should utilize to secure our Citrix environment.”

“Very good insight of security best practices. Loved several ideas included the idea of having an active passive service account to ensure higher level of security and avoid having non-expiring passwords.”

“I wish the team that manages our images and user access could have attended this session. This session reinforced why you don’t give access to domain users.”

SYN243: Simplify application access with NetScaler Unified Gateway: tips from the field

“Great session…Jarian and Eduardo have a deep understanding of what works and more importantly, the gotchas that people can run into.”

“Very excited about what I learned here – the presenters were terrific and able to provide real-world examples.”

“Perfect level of detail. The CTP presentations were the best.”

SYN303: Receiver + StoreFront + Gateway

“This was a fantastic session—this is what I came to this conference for. This was a very well thought out and well presented session that had huge relevance to my daily job activities. This one presentation is the only reason that I will be signing up to participate in the CUG in Dallas.”

“Great presenter and deep dive, definitely recommend this session for the future.”

“Provides tips to deployment that are hard to find online.”

SYN306: Preventing possible PVS performance pain points

“It was filled with more useful information than any other I attended.”

“Hands-down the best session at Synergy! Very informative; both speakers were very energetic, passionate and made the session fun and learned a lot. GREAT JOB!!”

“PVS is wonderful, but it could also be your demise. This session made me realize I need to do some tweaking in our 7.6 environment.”

SYN321: Securing the published browser

“Very deep dive and technical. Excellent information.”

“I was not aware of many of the methods and procedures presented in the session.”

“Top-notch, up-to-date knowledge. Great teamwork of the three guys presenting this session.”

Thank you to everyone who took time to fill out the surveys; your feedback is valuable to us and everyone who chooses to watch one of these sessions. I’ll leave you with this highlights video, which captures the energy and excitement of the premier conference on digital business transformation.

More than 5,000 people gathered in Las Vegas to network, share insights, and learn how to say yes to innovation. I hope it inspires you to join us next year at Citrix Synergy 2017, in Orlando May 23–25 at the Orange County Convention Center. Mark your calendar, and save the date!

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