Find out how to win the Citrix Ready Partner of the Month title and, in turn, increase customer mindshare via your Citrix Ready Marketplace profile.

The Citrix Ready Marketplace has become the premier destination to explore and evaluate Citrix-compatible products. And, with 30,000+ product verifications, it offers an unbeatable power of choice to customers.

CR Partner of the Month

Now, we all know that customer touchpoints for your products serve as critical points in the buyer’s purchasing cycle. And one of the touchpoints for your Citrix-compatible products is your Citrix Ready Marketplace profile. This is the place where Citrix customers seek information about your product. So, here’s an opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd.

The idea is pretty straightforward! Citrix Ready Partner of the Month is aimed to highlight your marketplace profile and drive more traffic to your product pages. Some of the benefits of this initiative include featured product on the Citrix Ready Marketplace home page, promotional banner space for one month, and a mention in our Newsletter as well as a blog post. Here’s what you need to do to be eligible for this title:

  • Update your marketplace page(s) with the latest information
  • Create two new co-branded assets with Citrix Ready
  • Promote your product page via social media channels
  • Garner customer reviews on your marketplace product page(s)

Some of you might already be carrying out these activities. If you are, do let us know. We’d be happy to include your company in the nominations. Sign-up today by emailing us at

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