The Top 20 Global Financial Institutions have Implemented Citrix Solutions to Ensure App and Data Security Anytime, Anywhere

Today’s financial services industry is more dynamic and competitive than ever. The industry is facing rapidly shifting market conditions and expectations from consumers. Tech-savvy consumers want to bank from their phones, new homeowners setup online bill pay for home insurance and seniors prefer regular visits from their financial planners.

Companies must deliver exceptional service to win and retain customers who expect a seamless, reliable, and secure experience no matter where they are, the channel they’re using, or the time of day. They also know that security efforts must keep pace with the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape that targets them with a growing number of attacks from phishing, ransomware and custom malware.

To meet these expectations and grow their business financial services, companies require their IT departments to choose a solution that offers customers and employees flexibility, mobility and a seamless delivery of their data all on a platform that will help them maintain security and compliance of applications and data in all stages of use.

Some of the world’s leading financial institutions use Citrix virtualization, mobility management and networking solutions to provide customers secure mobile access to financial apps from any device, without comprising security.

Today, 79 percent of the largest financial institutions, as ranked by the Forbes 2000 list, have turned to Citrix technologies to transform their IT infrastructures, so they can maximize operational efficiencies and security while focusing on quality customer care. 

Empowering Traders with Full Mobility

Citrix solutions help create a flexible workplace concept across your global organization. This concept enables new strategies for workplace optimization, employee mobility, workforce continuity and secure third party access. Workers can log in to virtual desktops from any thin client or mobile device, anywhere in the bank in order to access complete applications, multimedia collaboration tools and their own data. A fully-secure session begun in Frankfurt or New York can be resumed seamlessly in Hong Kong or Singapore – and vice versa – enabling unprecedented flexibility and mobility.

The centralization of IT resources and security controls help protect sensitive corporate and customer information against hackers, malware and other potential vulnerabilities. For employees, instead of being tied to their desks by the need to use hot, noisy workstations, traders can move freely around the firm and connect instantly with specialized, high-bandwidth systems anywhere they go – in the office or even on the other side of the world.

Improving Employee Productivity

One of the world’s largest banks keeps pace with evolving customer demands while ensuring security and operational efficiency. They needed a better way to support increasingly mobile branch employees, call center reps serving customers across diversifying channels, and the growing number of remote employees. Doing this meant that they had to transform their legacy IT infrastructure of 13 datacenters, 850 branch servers, 14 data security systems into a custom virtualized environment.

Using Citrix solutions, they enabled business mobility throughout their global organization. Bankers can now move around freely within a branch, as they serve customers without the need to log out of one desktop and into another. And when new employees are quickly added, such as during a recent acquisition of a small bank, the IT organization can immediately scale to accommodate hundreds new users. Call center reps who manage  millions of contacts a year now can handle multichannel communications across phone, email, web and social media more efficiently. And? IT can greatly reduce the number of data centers and security systems, creating efficiency and reducing security gaps.

Securing the Digital Workplace

A well-known financial and brokerage services firm uses technology and a widely distributed organization to differentiate itself from traditional financial and brokerage services firms. While most of its competitors concentrate staff in a small number of locations, the firm’s 75-member workforce is distributed across 15 locations, many of them with just one or two people working in an executive park. Business mobility helps the firm attract and retain the best industry talent by making it extremely simple and convenient for independent advisors to securely access the resources they need so that they don’t have to further invest in their own systems, develop their own expertise or hire their own IT staff.

By using Citrix solutions, they were able to create a packaged platform that provides independent advisors with secure remote access to apps, desktops and data managed within its own data center. They don’t have to maintain local IT environments to support them, and it spares them from having to maintain their own — ordinarily a major expense for a small office or sole practitioner. A browser-based portal offers convenient secure single sign-on to complete virtual desktops without the need for distributed VPN clients. For an industry in which security of confidential data is essential, knowing that their financial data is stored in their own datacenter, rather than on individual computers and devices, greatly mitigates the risk of potential security breaches and lawsuits and helps the firm maintain industry compliance.

Flexibility in Business Continuity Situations

One of Australia’s largest financial firms and insurers has led both its industry and its nation in the implementation of flexible work styles based on Citrix solutions by including work-at-home, mobility, telework and BYOD initiatives.

In a country that is highly susceptible to disasters such as bushfires, cyclones and floods, the flexibility and continuity provided by Citrix solutions during these times is key to keeping our business up and running at all times. Even when competitors cannot, the firm’s teams can reach customers following a disaster to provide immediate assistance to victims. Armed with their mobile devices and the ability to access their workstations securely and reliably from anywhere at any time on any network, they can drive to the site to provide personal service.

During one particularly challenging season, they helped restore more than 70 towns, 200,000 people and countless businesses back to normal everyday life within days. By using Citrix solutions to create these flexible work options, they were able to cancel a planned refresh of its corporate desktops, saving approximately AUSD $6 million and increasing the use of its office space from 60 percent to 100 – 120 percent creating potential savings of approximately AUSD $100 million per year. 

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