Citrix Cloud is a game changer for IT admins – Citrix Synergy Solutions Demo Sandbox example:

This year at Citrix Synergy, the Solutions Demo Sandbox was a big hit. Customers and partners had the opportunity to meet with solution experts and experiment first-hand with a number of services and features in Citrix Cloud. You can learn more about what was showcased here.

Solutions Demo Sandbox at Citrix Synergy 2016
Solutions Demo Sandbox at Citrix Synergy 2016

In preparation for the event, I led the build-out and management of the sandbox environment. Having experience with events and full-scale demo environments in the past, I was delighted by the simplicity and ease of use by this years’ cloud-first approach.

In the past, we had to build a small datacenter – trucking it out to the Synergy event and reassembling it on-site to service demo requirements. Now that services are in the cloud, I only had to pop open my laptop, and the environment was waiting and ready… up and running the entire time. The on-premises hardware signature was zero, which made everyone’s lives simpler.

The evolution of our sandbox demo this year draws parallels to the IT goals of our customers – to get to the cloud. As IT organizations pursue their cloud initiatives, Citrix is ready to meet them wherever they are on that journey with Citrix Cloud.   

The On-Premises Hardware Footprint in the Sandbox was Zero

This year’s Solutions Demo Sandbox featured an integrated solution of XenApp and XenDesktop, ShareFile, NetScaler Gateway-as-a-Service, Secure Browser and Lifecycle Management. It was critical for me to have access from anywhere to ensure the health of the demo environment. If you are an administrator who is responsible for building out the infrastructure for a similar environment, I am glad to say that the on-premises hardware footprint was zero. All we needed was a laptop with internet connectivity and to move the resources to Citrix Cloud.

Partners and customer will benefit from the same simplicity and flexibility that we did by using Citrix Cloud. 

Admin Access Made Easy

The days of VPNing into an internal network to quickly check Studio or Director are over! At Synergy, I was on call to respond and react to any issues or requests that came up for the demo environments. Citrix Cloud made this easier than ever by providing 24×7 access to all services in the environment from any web browser with internet access. This ease-of-use let me quickly check in to monitor the health and activity in the environment, or to quickly tweak settings and make changes on demand to keep the sandbox clean and fully operational.

Stay tuned for my next blog post which will give you an administrative look into how I used Citrix Cloud to manage our demo environment at Synergy.

Learn more about Citrix Cloud and Citrix Synergy.

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