That’s right, it’s time for another episode of “The Cranky Old Tech Guy.”

When I first started working in and around VDI, some seven years ago now, we approached it as the end-all, be-all solution. It was perfect for every user and every scenario, we said. It was the simplest to manage, deploy applications and provision to new or existing users. It was the Tesla of its day.

The only issue was, it was complex. And when I was working at Microsoft, I was proud of that. We compared it to a glorious layer cake of complexity. “Look at all the layers you need to have for my VDI solution,” I said.

We needed a separate layer for networking, storage, compute, connections, applications, desktops, streaming, user persona, OH MY!! And what was worse, most of those layers required the customer to source them from different vendors. In the end, the complexity I relished resulted in costly and often failed VDI deployments. Some of you may still be nursing the scars from your hobbled VDI deployments.

Imagine this; back in the very early days of automobiles, if you wanted a new car, you had to source all the parts from all different manufacturers. The engine, seats, lights, fenders, running boards and more. And once you designed your car and acquired the parts you had to have mechanical expertise to put it all together. This made cars not only cost-prohibitive, but complex and therefor very few people owned them.

Then, Henry Ford comes along and sources all the parts and uses an assembly line to build new car after new car. Not only was he able to make it as simple as cranking the starter and start driving but he drastically lowered the entry cost, making the Model T an every persons car.

I look at Nutanix and Citix in that same light. By assembling the core layers of the VDI model (Nutanix InstantON VDI for Citrix) and combining Citrix best-of-breed Networking (Netscaler) and Application and Desktop virtualization (XenApp and XenDesktop), VDI becomes a reality for many organizations. Even if you had scale issues before, this marriage of Citrix and Nutanix allows you to grow and shrink your capacity with ease and simplicity.

Want to learn more? Well, I hope you’re coming to Nutanix .Next because Citrix is a Gold sponsor and will have a featured booth on the expo floor. Stop by, talk to our experts on Hyper-converged Infrastructure and the simplicity that is now VDI.

No one needs a 7 layer, red velvet, cake when a simple Angel food cake is better for you.

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