Many companies have adopted a BYOD program, recognizing the productivity benefits that can deliver. In addition, more and more companies require BYOD users to use a device passcode to prevent company data from falling into the wrong hands if the device is lost or stolen.

However, much like desktop security threats, the risk of data loss from malware and vulnerabilities must also be considered as part of a mobile security program.

Users, unfortunately, are mostly unaware that they can easily get a malware infection by visiting a compromised website and downloading a malicious app. Once on the device, the app can then access confidential data on the device as well as access the corporate network.  Contrary to popular belief, iOS devices are just as susceptible to malware as Android devices, and Skycure has identified that any business with over 200 iOS devices has at least one malware infection.

As mobile security requires a layered approach, Citrix has partnered with Skycure.

Skycure delivers next-generation Mobile Threat Defense, helping companies proactively detect and automatically remediate known and unknown threats including malware, network threats and OS vulnerabilities. Together with XenMobile, Citrix’s Enterprise Mobility Management solution, customers benefit from broader end to end security protection.

As an example, if a BYOD user attempts to download a malicious app onto their device, Skycure will detect the malware and may be able to block the installation. Additionally, if the device is compromised, Skycure will mark the device as non-compliant, so XenMobile can enforce the appropriate corporate policy, like removing access to corporate resources until the threat is removed. With XenMobile’s containerization and proprietary AES 256 encryption, there’s a higher likelihood that company data will remain protected if the device is compromised.

In addition to malware, network attacks are another very common attack vector used by malicious hackers. With mobile devices constantly connecting to different cellular and Wi-Fi networks, network attacks are two to three times more frequent than malware attacks.  Skycure effectively identifies and protects mobile devices from man-in-the-middle attacks, SSL downgrading, content manipulation, and other exploits that threaten to expose sensitive corporate data.

Additionally, XenMobile provides micro-VPN capabilities such that each application has its own secure VPN tunnel to the company resources behind a firewall. XenMobile’s micro-VPN capabilities prevents any unmanaged app, including a malicious app, from accessing the company network. It’s important to recognize that micro-VPN is different from per-app VPN.  With per-app VPN only utilizes a single VPN tunnel which leaves the network potentially exposed to the malicious app.