Citrix loves Containers.

This week, we’re at DockerCon to share how NetScaler CPX (NetScaler in a Container) works with Docker. Stop by our booth (G-28) for demos of NetScaler CPX and NetScaler MAS (G-38) and don’t miss Citrix Distinguished Engineer, Chiradeep Vittal’s “Load Balancing for Container Cluster Managers” ecosystem talk during the show.

Why is NetScaler CPX the best Docker load balancer in town?  

  1. The only Docker load balancer with full Layer 4 to 7 capabilities from content switching to SSL/TLS offload and DDoS protection
  2. It adapts to dynamic changes in microservices infrastructure
  3. Supports flexible deployment modes to meet networking and security requirements

NetScaler CPX combined with the recently announced NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NetScaler MAS) offers unparalleled management, orchestration, visibility and analytics system.  Together, NetScaler CPX and MAS form a microservices proxy, management and analytics solution that allows developers to test load balancing configs in a laptop and deploy Docker load balancers at scale with auto-configuration and reconfiguration based on changes and updates to the microservices infrastructure.

Previously, applications were deployed as a whole in a complex and months long process of development, testing and roll out that thoroughly consumed IT resources. The microservices architecture enables an agile application delivery method where individual components can be deployed to add functionality to an application in use without disrupting the rest of the application’s processes.

The Advantages of NetScaler CPX and NetScaler MAS for L4-L7 Network Services

Bringing a microservices application to life requires many components. Together, NetScaler CPX and NetScaler MAS provide a solution that avoids the cobbling and stitching together of service discovery and container management software with open source tools. This solution enables the auto-configuration of Docker load balancers and display of telemetry and instant feedback regarding the health and performance of the containerized applications.

NetScaler CPX and NetScaler MAS allow organizations to deploy large scale microservices applications and transition their services that were built on three-tiered layered applications or older client-service applications into containerized and microservices applications.

By running in a container, NetScaler CPX can run on any Linux host, easing its deployment in a public, private or hybrid cloud, allowing the enterprise to leverage cloud economies of scale.

IT and network operations teams can deploy a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for their internal app developers and production apps, leveraging the same rich L4-L7 features that they expect from all NetScaler platforms.

NetScaler CPX Demos at DockerCon

The Citrix NetScaler team will be showing the following demonstrations of NetScaler CPX along with NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NetScaler MAS):

  1. Client-side CPX with Mesos and Marathon and NetScaler MAS 
  2. CPX routed mode with overlay networking with MAS, Mesos and Marathon
  3. CPX with Kubernetes and MAS
  4. VPX as ingress device for Kubernetes clusters

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