One of the key tasks in the lifecycle management of a XenApp or XenDesktop environment is ensuring that the latest updates and upgrades are applied to the environment so it stays evergreen. Staying current with the latest software releases helps ensure secure and productive environments. However, keeping up with the latest changes manually can be tedious.

With the latest Lifecycle Management update service, the whole manual, tedious, time consuming update/upgrade process for XenApp is a thing of the past!

With the Lifecycle Management Update service, specific software update recommendations are provided to customers based on their unique environment. Some or all components can be selected to be updated and updates can be applied on-demand or scheduled, leaving customers in complete control while providing optimal performance and security.

Updated service provides flexible control by allowing XenApp admins to:

  • Select components to be updated/upgraded
  • Test rollout prior to production
  • Rollback in case of failures
  • Schedule updates or apply on-demand

It also provides proactive notifications and reports such as:

  • Update and version status report
  • Update and version inconsistency report
  • LTSR compliance report

Sounds interesting? Want to get started? To use the update service, from your XenDesktop Delivery Controller machine, simply go to and logon using your Citrix Cloud credentials. Once you are logged in, click on the update tab to access to update service.

Click on Add Site button and follow the Add Site wizard to onboard the XenApp or XenDesktop site.


Once the site has been successfully onboarded you should see the number of updates available for the site.


Click on View details to see the list of all updates available for the Delivery Controller and the VDAs.


Select the appropriate update(s) to be applied to a VDA or DDC and click Schedule.


Follow the Schedule wizard to schedule the deployment of the update.


Once the update has been scheduled for immediate deployment, in the Tasks pane, you should see the status that the update is being applied.


Once the install has finished, you should see the completion notification in the Tasks pane. You can get additional details by clicking on the Get Details button for the task.


And, that’s pretty much it. Wasn’t that super easy?

In summary, the latest Citrix Lifecycle Management update service enables you to keep your XenApp and XenDesktop environments evergreen by automating the updates/upgrades to your XenApp and XenDesktop environments.

Want to try it for yourself? Go right ahead! Request a free trial today at and experience the power of Citrix Lifecycle Management. We will be continuing to enhance the update service and adding additional services to Lifecycle Management. You can keep up with all the upcoming enhancements by following us at @LifecycleManage.

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