The Delivery Networks team has done a tremendous job in delivering game-changing networking innovations to the market over the past few months. Excitement around our portfolio from customers, sellers and partners is greater than ever, and I am positive that we are on a path for continued healthy performance.

Citrix hosted the inaugural NetScaler Connect event at Citrix Synergy this year, drawing intense interest from the networking ecosystem. In fact, one third of Synergy attendees expressed interest in NetScaler Connect during the registration process and an astounding more than two thirds of attendees ended up participating in NetScaler Connect sessions onsite. NetScaler ADC has been a growth driver for Citrix for many years and the strategic decisions that have been made to streamline our networking portfolio is helping NetScaler realize its full potential as a core growth product line for Citrix.

To further support this alignment, we announced at Synergy that Citrix is uniting data center, cloud and enterprise delivery products under the NetScaler brand for enterprise application delivery in the new era of software-defined networks. As part of this news, the Citrix CloudBridge SD-WAN (WANOP + Virtual WAN) product line will become a key element of the NetScaler product portfolio and, going forward, will be known as NetScaler SD-WAN.

NetScaler is a well-recognized brand, known for its ability to ensure the availability, performance, and security of applications hosted in the data center and cloud. With its software-first approach, the NetScaler family of products embraces the Software-Defined Networking mantra. By extending software-based networking to the delivery of applications from the data center or cloud to the branch, these same software-defined principles bring compelling benefits to the wide area network in the form of the Software-Defined WAN.

NetScaler: A new era of innovation

There are a lot of disruptors in the networking industry right now, heavily impacted by the shift to bimodal IT. Citrix is helping to shape how the market adapts to this change and has the solutions to help our customers and partners do the same. At Citrix Synergy you saw us introduce two critical components to seamlessly enabling the future of IT networking.

NetScaler CPX

NetScaler CPX is a fully functional NetScaler in a container form factor. It is built out of the same code base as the traditional NetScaler ADC. It runs on a Linux OS and is packaged as a Docker container. NetScaler CPX joins VPX, MPX, and SDX in providing a consistent set of ADC services to application developers and network operations teams unified through a single API, management console and policies that can run on premise and in the cloud. CPX is ideal for use early in the application development process to ease deployment of applications into production.

NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NetScaler MAS)

NetScaler MAS is an orchestration, automation, visualization and analytics platform for application delivery services. It abstracts infrastructure deployed in data centers and hybrid cloud environments into a set of resources that enables agile IT for application delivery services.

NetScaler MAS transforms and simplifies the way networking operations and developers can program the infrastructure to create the app delivery services. The logging and reporting infrastructure at scale is unique to NetScaler MAS. The infrastructure is designed to support large data center deployments with the ability to log and store both transaction data and NetScaler statistics. NetScaler MAS manages all NetScaler (CPX, VPX, SDX, MPX) and NetScaler SD-WAN platforms. Citrix is the only ADC vendor that incorporates orchestration, management and analytics in one platform.

With our management and analytics system, Citrix NetScaler MAS, we will dramatically simplify network management into a single control plane and provide unique analytics and alerts to further optimize network performance. To lead the transition to bimodal IT, we will bridge traditional DC/Networking (Mode 1) to advanced DevOps approaches (Mode 2) via our one-to-any model, NetScaler MAS and ADC as a Service in Citrix Cloud.

Quite frankly, we have simplified the pace of change with our software-first approach to networking. The Citrix portfolio is built around what we believe will enable our customers to make a five-year bet. It’s based on software-first. It’s based on one-to-any. It’s based on NetScaler MAS. And that is unique.

More To Come

Keep your eye on the innovation at Citrix. The Delivery Networks team has a lot of exciting work to unveil over the coming weeks.