The Citrix consultants are on the job – but you won’t encounter them chatting in the hallway or holding impromptu meetings in the break room.

They’re virtual.

  • They don’t need your desks and office equipment
  • They don’t require travel or logistical arrangements
  • And they won’t sit idle if your team gets called away on an urgent issue

After all, if you can virtualize your apps, desktops and servers – why not your team of Citrix experts?

Virtues of going virtual

As IT projects become more complex and companies become increasingly globalized, a virtual approach to IT consulting can be just the ticket.

Citrix Virtual Engagement Delivery offers faster project initiation, greater flexibility and easier collaboration across a decentralized IT organization.

  1. Quicker kick-off: Your IT project can get started more rapidly because it’s much easier to coordinate schedules for virtual meetings. Plus, you don’t have to wait for consultants to travel to your location.
  2. More options: Virtual engagement makes it possible to assemble the most qualified team of consulting experts, regardless of where they are. Plus, you can take the trouble out of troubleshooting by tapping into remote expertise to fix problems.
  3. Fewer delays: In case of unexpected events or crises at your organization, virtual consultants can switch gears and resume work once your staff is available again.

Different shades of virtual

But what if you don’t feel comfortable with full-time virtual consulting? Citrix has the answer: choose a flexible virtual engagement, which delivers virtual consulting sessions on a part-time basis, or a hybrid engagement, which combines onsite and virtual consulting.

Everyone likes having a choice. Full-time, on-site consulting will always play an important role, but sometime you need a simpler, more flexible approach. With Citrix Virtual Engagement Delivery, you receive targeted expertise from a virtual team using an adaptable process that requires minimal overhead.

And no one will be commandeering the break room.

Watch the 1-minute overview

Contact your Citrix Professional Services representative to learn more about the benefits of Virtual Engagement Delivery for your next project.

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