A mobile-ready campus promotes innovative and flexible learning—and provides a competitive advantage. Students are increasingly using mobile technology during the college search process. Once enrolled, today’s college students don’t just request access to campus services on their mobile devices — they demand it.

In the K-12 arena, a study found that more than half of parents believe schools should make more use of mobile devices in education. And according to EdTech, “[mobile] technology allows educators to move away from traditional lectures and focus more on individualized and project-based learning through the use of cloud applications (Google Apps for Education, for example) and online content.” 

Prepping for mobility with Citrix

Many school systems, colleges and universities have implemented Citrix Solutions for Education to support their mobility goals. Citrix technologies enable students, faculty and staff to access the apps, data and services they need from any location, device or network—with strong security and a seamless experience.

To obtain the greatest value from Citrix software, or any technology solution, IT teams need the right expertise and credentials. But how can an overworked IT department bridge the knowledge gap until existing staff have time to get up to speed, or new hires can be brought in?

And speaking of new hires, current IT staffing shortages can make it difficult to find qualified employees to manage and support a Citrix infrastructure.

Dire straits for staffing

The EDUCAUSE Top 10 list of IT issues for 2016 ranked “IT Workforce Hiring and Retention” as #4 and stated, in part, “…many institutions are reducing budgets and benefits or flat-lining compensation at a time when new IT hires are essential to fulfilling institutional objectives, and an improved job market for IT professionals may make it hard to keep existing and prospective staff.”

In this challenging situation, schools, colleges and universities may need a new answer to the question: “How can we optimize our Citrix environment as soon as possible?”


Citrix Services go to the head of the class

Citrix offers a range of professional services to augment, train and/or support your IT team. All are delivered by experts who know Citrix technology, leading practices and education use cases.

Citrix Education offers best-in-class IT training and certification on Citrix virtualization, mobility, cloud and networking technologies. Learning options include:

  • Citrix Training Pass (CTP): Instructor-led or virtual training for individuals
  • Group Training: Private onsite or virtual training for your team; content customization available from our team of master Citrix Certified Instructors (CCIs)

Support and Maintenance Services
A team of 900+ technical professionals provides:

  • Software Maintenance: Unlimited 24/7 technical assistance and upgrades
  • Hardware Maintenance: Unlimited incident resolution for appliance hardware issues
  • Technical Relationship Management: Services of a dedicated TRM as your single contact, advisor and Citrix advocate for technical support 

Infrastructure Management
This service, delivered remotely, manages Citrix infrastructure administration on a daily basis to optimize system uptime and performance. The team provides proactive and reactive management, integration with your support desk and Citrix-specific monitoring.

Success with Citrix Services

Citrix Services are an ideal solution for IT staffing issues in the Education sector. We can help you maximize adoption, reliability and performance of your Citrix environment so you can improve education quality and teaching effectiveness, and meet local, state and federal requirements.

Contact your Citrix representative about the benefits of these services for your organization.


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