Guest post by Stuart Moore, Cloudhouse Technologies

In July of last year, I left Citrix as Principal Product Manager for XenApp and XenDesktop to head up Product Management at Cloudhouse Technologies. I am excited to announce that our Application Anywhere product is Citrix Ready.

Cloudhouse now has full Citrix Ready Partner status, an important milestone for a company that, until recently, was relatively unheard of outside of the ISV market.

Cloudhouse’s story began 5 years ago after our CTO, Mat Clothier became frustrated by constantly repackaging the same applications time and time again while struggling to get virtualised apps to work with locally installed devices and applications. The result? A new approach to application management and virtualization—Application Anywhere—includes cloud-based configuration management. This has proved popular with our ISV customers like GE Healthcare or Advanced Care Systems.

By working together, Cloudhouse and Citrix can help Citrix Service Providers:

  • Reduce the number of images required for XenApp and XenDesktop across all customers
  • Reduce the total number of XenApp servers required to deliver applications
  • “Package once, reuse everywhere” means, for the first time, spent packaging is worthwhile


How do we achieve this?

We reduce the number of applications installed in the master image with efficient delivery of applications into XenApp servers using our Citrix Ready agent; either with scripts, or with tools like SCCM. Admins install the push agent into the master image, which enables them to push and configure applications on demand into the servers based upon the needs of the customer; Citrix Studio is used to publish applications to the end user. Our approach to central management of the application packages simplifies updating servers.

CSPs can easily reuse the packaged applications across departments or companies because they are configured on-the-fly, so that they meet needs of each customer or machine at the point of download. Examples of this include configuring license keys per user – or per customer – deploying specific language packs, or office plugins; and configuring an application to use different connection strings depending upon the customer’s SQL Server database.

With our Citrix Ready application virtualization, we can reduce the number of servers required to deliver applications like Sage 50 Accounts by securing the data for customers in a multi-tenant XenApp environment. With Cloudhouse, CSPs can eliminate up to 4/5 of the servers required to host multiple versions of the software, for multiple customers.

Finally, managing applications from the Cloud means that Citrix Service Provider are able to offer their customers a vertically aligned catalogue of applications in a branded portal, and control concurrent application usage and produce application usage reports.

It was amazing to be able to share our story with fellow attendees as Summit 2016, and with Citrix Ready, you may be wondering what’s next? Well, Cloudhouse is looking to Citrix’s emerging technologies to see how we can help simplify the install and management of apps for Citrix Workspace Cloud, or AppDisks in the recently released XenApp and XenDesktop 7.8. So stay tuned, this is hopefully the first of many blogs on Cloudhouse working with Citrix.

Learn more about this solution HERE.

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