Citrix loves giving back to communities. At this year’s Citrix Synergy conference, we hosted local Las Vegas middle school and high school classes to teach kids about micro-controllers and robotics. Using Citrix’s Octoblu IoT platform, a class of 5th graders was able to build an Intel Arduino-powered push-to-talk video walkie talkie in less than 90 minutes!


At first, teaching an Internet of Things (IoT) class to thirty 5th graders sounded a little daunting; however, we built the curriculum in four phases that demonstrated success at each step of the process. This short course taught the basics in hardware and software in small (but fun) steps.

Step 1: We taught the kids how to attach an LED to the Arduino micro-controller and blink it at any speed.


Step 2: Next, we taught the kids how to connect a button to the LED light to turn it on and off.  As you can tell from the photo below, the kids were enjoying their accomplishments!

IMG_8199 (1)

Step 3: Next, we shifted to software and taught the kids how to activate the laptop’s camera via WebRTC to snap photos of the person pressing the button.


Step 4: The final part of this exercise was networking all of the chats into a single video chat room using Octoblu.

IMG_8175 IMG_8188

Mission accomplished! The room full of 5th graders was buzzing with entertainment while chatting with their friends by pressing micro-controller buttons to communicate with one another!

We would like to give a giant THANK YOU to Intel for donating the Arduino 101 (Curie-powered) micro-controllers and Dell for loaning us the Chromebooks to use during this event. We would also like to thank Luis Montes for flying to Las Vegas to teach this class and all of the CTPs and volunteers for helping us make this event a huge success!


Last (but not least), a warm thank you to Jo Moskowitz for making this event possible!


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