The digital transformation of business takes physical form on the show floor at this week’s HPE Discover 2016 event in Las Vegas with the HPE CollaborateCube—a.k.a. “the Cube”—an environment that recognizes the people in it, anticipates their needs and provides intelligent support so seamless it’s virtually invisible. It’s made possible by Internet of Things technology powered by Citrix Octoblu.

As collaboration becomes the definitive workstyle of the era, digital spaces now offer incredibly rich and productive experiences for virtual teams. People can seamlessly switch between IM, voice and video; share files, screens and apps with a single tap; and connect individuals from around the globe in streamlined workflows. In fact, remote collaboration has advanced so far, so quickly, that it makes in-person collaboration look primitive, a frustrating mess of overbooked conference rooms, dried-up whiteboard markers, bulky teleconferencing gear and every cable except the one you really need. You begin to wonder why anyone would have an in-person meeting again—but that’s the wrong question.

Even in the age of digital business transformation, studies show that physical meetings aid creativity, enable better research and produce more ideas. The real question is how we can make in-person collaboration just as rich and productive as the online version.

The Cube brings physical meetings into the digital era. A live, interactive demo of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Intelligent Spaces for Meetings, The Cube brings together technologies from HPE, Microsoft and Citrix that bridge the physical and digital with useful, actionable intelligence to improve team productivity and effectiveness while boosting resource efficiency. At its core, Octoblu provides a flexible IoT platform and workflow automation engine that lets you connect disparate protocols, systems and devices any way you like, to do anything you want.

In the Cube, both physical and digital environments are configured automatically to support collaboration and capture the knowledge it produces. Data flows seamlessly, fueling analytics to inform digital business strategy and optimize performance. Applications and desktops powered by Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop roam across devices as easily as their users do, automatically remapping peripherals along the way. In-room conferencing leverages the high quality and network efficiency made possible by the Citrix HDX Real-time Optimization Pack for Skype for Business. Automated security workflows protect sensitive data wherever and however it’s used without impeding or distracting users. Everything just works.

You’ll experience this vision for yourself at the CollaborateCube, located in the Enable Workplace Productivity Transformation Area near the Citrix booth (#510). As you walk into this all-glass space, The Cube:

  • Knows who you are when you enter the meeting room
  • Dynamically updates and presents room status in real time
  • Self-configures room technology, and starts and ends the meeting
  • Automatically pulls meeting attendees together, physically and virtually
  • Initiates in-room conferencing from a virtualized client using the HDX Real-time Optimization Pack for Skype for Business
  • Integrates with digital collaboration tools being used by meeting attendees
  • Automatically sends the output created during the meeting upon completion

And smart conference rooms are only the beginning. Imagine:

  • Smart patient rooms that capture real-time patient data and port it directly to EMR and analytics systems to enable better patient care
  • Smart classrooms that gather video, presentations and other lecture materials and make them available online to audiences across campus and beyond
  • Smart manufacturing facilities that track both materials and labor through production processes to uncover new opportunities for efficiency and continuous improvement

Of course, what you care most about is how the IoT can be used to solve business challenges at your own organization. Visit The Cube for inspiration, and brainstorm with the experts on hand there. Drop by the Citrix booth for a deeper exploration of the technologies that will transform your business. Continue the conversation by getting in touch with a Citrix IoT researcher hereSign up free for Octoblu services any time.

As exciting as the Cube is, it only hints at the full potential of smart spaces, the IoT and the digital transformation of business. Join us at HPE Discover 2016 and we’ll continue that journey together.

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