Expand your hosted services portfolio to deliver Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service with CloudPortal Services Manager.

Many service providers are under pressure, as their customers and subscribers look more and more to SaaS and cloud services to fulfill daily business needs.

One of those needs is customer relationship management (CRM). But how do you successfully offer CRM as a hosted service when some customers still have hesitations about storing CRM data in the cloud? Or what about those who have regulatory compliance needs that must be met to store CRM data in specific geographic locations?

With the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service available through CloudPortal Services Manager, Citrix Service Providers can confidently provide all customers with secure access to CRM systems by publishing though XenApp or by giving direct access from anywhere using ADFS federation. And it’s available to be used in a multi-tenant environment to ensure the best possible economics.  This new capability is in addition to other services that CloudPortal Service Manager can provision, including Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, Citrix ShareFile, Microsoft Exchange, Offie365, Lync, OCS, SharePoint, and more.

If you are looking to grow your hosted services business to evolve into a true one-stop shop for hosted IT services, and you would like to increase your average revenue per user (ARPU), then CRM is a key hosted offering.

With Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management Service for CloudPortal Services Manager, you can:

  • Expand your hosted services portfolio and increase your ARPU.
  • Drive efficient delivery of Microsoft Dynamics CRM services across tenants using a multi-tenant design and shared infrastructure plus bulk provisioning.
  • Save time reporting and preparing invoices: Easily report on customer and user provisioning of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Protect service availability: Upgrade and migration flexibility allows you to evolve CRM services to newer versions without impacting service availability.
  • Easily integrate federated authentication for Active Directory with ADFS to make hosted CRM services available from anywhere.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Simple to Use – see the steps

CloudPortal Services Manager simplifies CRM site creation by enabling pre-configured Service Plan settings to be applied to a site automatically during provisioning.

Step 1: Provide the new site’s name, select the service plan and click “Provision”

Create a new CRM site by simply adding the site name, selecting the service plan and then clicking “provision”. If the customer plan is configured with ADFS integration, then the ADFS configuration is automatically refreshed to enable immediate site access.

step 1 blog post photo

Follow this step for each new CRM site.

Step 2:  Provision to user(s)

Leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics CRM service really is simple! After you create a new site, you are ready to provision it to users. User assignment and permissions can be easily managed through CloudPortal Services Manager by the customer’s administrative users.

There is no need to log on to each CRM Server to create a site, nor do you need to configure numerous settings manually for each site. Like all CloudPortal Services Manager services, the Service Plan settings (default settings) can be overridden on a site by site basis if the need arises – so why configure these manually for every site if you don’t have to?

Get Started with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Today

Download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service for free on the CloudPortal Services Manager download page.

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