How many devices do you use in a day?

For me, so far, as I sit in seat 17A on my #JetBlue flight I’ve used three separate devices. When I woke up (as a result of my youngest kicking me in the back), I reached for my Android phone to check Twitter, FaceBook and E-Mail. Next, I checked into my flight from my traditional laptop and changed to a window seat. Go me! In fact, right now, I am writing this blog post on my HP 13″ Chromebook. Three devices in under four hours? That is truly a geek feet that can’t be beat. ©

Now, I know what you’re saying. I have this telepathic ability that dates back to my days as a Novell Netware instructor to sense the question that is on the top of everyone’s mind. And that questions is, “Sean, does JetBlue make you buy two seats or can you really fit in one?” The next question on top of everyone’s mind is, “Sean, I thought you were a die-hard Microsoft fanboy?”

The answers of course, in order, are “no” and “Yes.” I am, most assuredly, a die-hard Microsoft fanboy. In fact, I only gave up my Windows Phone when my friends who still work at Microsoft gave up theirs. But I have to tell you, this HP Chromebook is giving me a really good, workable user experience. When traveling, I especially like the lightweight design and super-fast boot times and the 10 hour battery life is something I still am not used to.

And yes, when I first got my hands on it last Friday night, I did install my usual not-so-productive applications like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, some games and YouTube. But before I got on the plane today, I also added the Citrix Receiver (v2.0) for Chrome from the play store. I navigated to the secret Citrix Storefront, logged in and *BOOM*, I had my familiar Windows 10 desktop, my Word for Windows and my Skype for Business.

::insert maniacal laugh::

Why the need for the maniacal laugh? Because no one knows where I’m working! I could be ANYWHERE (muahahahaha!) Thanks to JetBlue’s free FlyFi, I am fully connected and productive from 30,000 feet. I can write my blog post, edit my Office 365 deployment guide and even hold Skype conversations with Lynda, Penny and Vicky. My 18″-wide virtual office is buzzing away with productivity.

And what’s best? Because of the financially affordable nature of my Chromebook (powered by an Intel processor) with 4 GB RAM and an SSD drive, not only do I get all the power I need but if that inexperienced traveler in the seat in front of me reclines their seat back and snaps my screen, I can quickly and easily grab a new one from the Best Buy kiosk, add Receiver and pick up right where I so abruptly left off.

And even though I have over 9 hours of battery life left, I am going to sign off for now and launch Internet Explorer (from a Chromebook! I am such a rebel!) and register for @HPE_Discover, where I will be demonstrating Windows 10, Office 365 and Skype for Business, from my Chromebook. Register today and show up June 7 – 9 at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

Here is my question of the day to you: have you ever secretly worked somewhere and no one knew it?

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