When evaluating a new software solution, it’s only natural that you would want to compare providers.

Part of this process is identifying the key features to meet your needs and seeing the products in action, side-by-side, to really understand the differences.

What should you look for? User Experience. Security. Flexibility.

When evaluating an app virtualization or VDI solution, there are three key questions to consider:

  • Will your workforce use it?
  • How secure is the solution?
  • Will it simplify administration?

User Experience

Let’s start with the user experience. If the interface is complex or the access speed to critical apps and data is slow, your workforce will not adopt your virtual app or virtual desktop solution. They’ll continuously call the helpdesk or return to using local apps and storing data on their endpoint.


This is nothing compared to the matter of security. Storing data on the endpoint exposes you to risk if a device is lost or stolen. You’re also at risk if the virtualization solution itself isn’t secure. Choose a solution that is both FIPS-compliant and Common Criteria-certified – those distinctions are trusted by the most highly regulated industries to guarantee data is safe.


Finally, you’ll want a flexible solution that makes administration easy. Look for a single, unified platform that can manage both your apps and virtual desktops in the same console. This reduces overhead for IT and provides a single point of access for troubleshooting.

Evaluate XenDesktop vs. Horizon side-by-side

As mentioned earlier, the best way to evaluate software is to see how they work in direct comparison. In the webinar, “Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon? See the difference,” you’ll receive a demo of the technical features of XenDesktop that set it apart from Horizon – plus the added benefit of secure app delivery with XenApp. You’ll also learn the cost benefits of going with the Citrix solution.

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