Citrix Synergy 2016 is a wrap, with over 5,000 attendees at the event in-person. Online, it was one of the most successful events to date. There were over a thousand registered attendees for NetScaler Connect, making it crystal clear that customers have said YES to NetScaler and just can’t seem to get enough of it.

The welcome reception for NetScaler Connect on Monday night drew more than 300 attendees. Sure, it might have been the lure of the open bar, but the excitement around NetScaler by those in attendance was in the giddiness of their expressions and bubbling-over enthusiasm.

In our preparations for Synergy, we knew the central theme for NetScaler this year would be squarely focused on two new offerings; NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) and NetScaler CPX – this is what’s next for NetScaler.

Can I run my NetScalers in a Docker Container?

Yes! NetScaler CPX is a ground-breaking industry first. As part of the effort to decouple the services provided by a NetScaler appliance into an array of micro services that can be delivered closer to the app; embedded in a container as part of the application’s DNA.

Klaus Oesterman was joined onstage by Amin Kassem, Enterprise Vice President at Humana to discuss how they’re beginning to address DevOps, and the role they see NetScaler playing in this pivotal stage of their organization’s development.

NetScaler Management and Analytics System

NetScaler MAS was announced at NetScaler Connect (spinning globe and all), and there were many sessions that spoke to its relevance in the new NetScaler software-defined paradigm.

MAS Globe

The premise for NetScaler MAS is that every NetScaler in deployment at customer sites sees and parses data. That data has value, and the need to use that data to drive business decisions and provide active health monitoring for the environment is an untapped opportunity. In Abhishek Chauhan’s MAS demo on stage, NetScaler MAS became the aggregation point for massive amounts of data that in the end allowed the administrator to identify a server anomaly (out of 25,000+ servers) that was contributing to a performance issue.

There was always a steady flow of traffic at the NetScaler MAS booth experience. Customers were eager to get a closer look at MAS and CPX. I’d recommend watching SYN237 on-demand where there is a good demo of MAS in that session (starts at 13:44).

Hello SD-WAN – “NetScaler” SD-WAN!

This year’s Synergy also announced that the CloudBridge brand will be retired. After many attempts to find the right name for this family of products (WANScaler, Branch Repeater), seems like the best name was right under our noses and it is now under the NetScaler family of products that include Unified Gateway, ADC and Application Firewall. In addition to a name change, NetScaler SD-WAN is now packaged under three editions: WAN Opt, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition.


With the above highlights, the curtains have now closed on Citrix Synergy 2016. NetScaler Connect was a smashing success, and we are already thinking about ways of improving the event for next year! If you missed it this time around, you know you’re going to want to be back for 2017 right?

(Hint: The answer is Yes!)

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