To help IT regain control over employee file sharing, organizations are turning to two leaders: Microsoft and Citrix. Together, we are delivering a highly secure and validated enterprise file sync and sharing solution with flexible data storage options. ShareFile Enterprise with StorageZones on Microsoft Azure allows customers to store their enterprise data in Microsoft’s global, enterprise grade cloud platform.

With Microsoft Azure, IT can place data in different geographic locations that are closer to users to improve performance and meet compliance needs. Businesses benefit from the elasticity and flexibility of the cloud while maintaining ownership of their own encryption keys – an advantage typically only available on-premises.

ShareFile – StorageZones

With ShareFile, organizations have the flexibility to choose where their data is stored, on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both. This flexibility allows IT to meet their specific needs for data sovereignty, compliance, performance and costs with ShareFile’s innovative StorageZones. Administrators can choose between Citrix-managed secure cloud storage options and/or customer-managed StorageZones to leverage their storage infrastructure whether on-premises or in their cloud based object storage.

Provisioning Customer-managed StorageZones on Microsoft Azure Storage

Citrix ShareFile data can be hosted natively in your Microsoft Azure account, helping IT build the most cost-effective and customized solution for their organization. This customer-managed solution integrates ShareFile with Microsoft Azure’s Binary Large Object (Blob) storage, a cloud service for storing large amounts of unstructured data that can be accessed from anywhere in the world via HTTP or HTTPS.

Citrix and Microsoft would like to share best practices and a proven method to host your ShareFile data on Azure. Together, we’d like to invite you to a free, one-hour webinar on June 16th at 12 PM EDT. During the webinar, we’ll teach you step-by-step how to provision your ShareFile data on Azure.

All you’ll need is your account and log-in information for both Azure and ShareFile, and you’ll have your ShareFile data fully provisioned at the end of the hour. It’s as simple as that! Register for the webinar here:

Event Summary

What: Free webinar, “How to migrate your ShareFile data to Microsoft Azure

When: June 16th, 12 PM EDT

Where: Register at

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