Last week at Citrix Synergy, we showed our new Citrix HDX Ready Pi thin client to our customers at the Citrix Innovations demo pod. Right after announcing this new offering by ViewSonic and MicroCenter, we got overwhelmed with customers asking about how this little device can help them say Yes to Digital Transformation.

At the Citrix Innovations demo pod we demonstrated how Citrix products  make people more effective and focus on their core competencies. Not only is the HDX Pi a very cost effective solution to access Cloud or On-Premises hosted applications, it’s an enabler for innovation.

Secure Form - Pain LevelTake, for example, Citrix Secure Forms, which is a great solution for employees to gather information on their mobile devices and store on a central data repository. What if we gave this productivity app to a nurse to gather the pain level of patients? Wouldn’t it be great if it could automatically detect which patient the nurse surveys and then filled in that data in the app?

We’ve set up the HDX Pi as a bluetooth beacon uniquely identifying the patient. Secure Secure Forms - Autofill FormForms detects that beacon and automatically fills in the form with the patients information and location. We just achieved two major things: 1) We saved the nurse a lot of time typing in information and 2) the nurse didn’t make an errors while typing and improved the overall quality of the health provided.

It’s easy as Pi.

Now, what normally happens when a doctor enters a treating room? Or when a sales representative enters a meeting room? The room is switched from “available” to “occupied,” sometimes visually with a green or red light. By providing those individuals with a mobile application transmitting a bluetooth beacon, the room can detect if the room is in use (and by whom). A simple workflow can be initiated by change the availability to occupied and the doctor can focus on the patient, the sales representative on his customer.

At HIMSS 2016, we showed how the Citrix Workspace Hub could help a doctor while he’s visiting his patients. We’re enabling them to roam from patient to patient, changing the context automatically in the EMR application and take a reading of a patients temperature. Again we’ve saved the doctor a lot of time and reduced the chances or errors, giving time to treat more patients and improving the overall quality of the health provided.

Citrix Workspace Hub

Next step is to bring the Workspace Hub code to the HDX Pi thin client. A single device with multiple purposes makes it even a better investment.

Imagine this: Every workstation – either in the office or at a patients bed – can be used to access their work environment as with any other workstation. Those who use their phone or table as their primary device can simply transfer their session to the screen with a simple swipe, just like that. Seamless, smooth as silk.

This is an exciting time where we can automate, optimise and streamline processes and workflows that we once took for granted. Start thinking like a kid (or better: bring your kid to work) and start challenging the things we do. Ask that one important question: Why? 

The only limits that exist are those in your mind

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