Whenever two chief technology officers (CTOs) give a presentation, I expect a technical discussion that explores questions like: What are we doing to securely deliver the apps of the future? How can we simplify the app delivery process? And how will we integrate the emerging Internet of Things into this future word?

And while they often look into the future, I expect them to be impressive, but I don’t anticipate anything mind-blowing will happen.

So, when two Citrix CTOs – Abhishek Chauhan and Christian Reilly – explored the questions listed above in “The Application Delivery Continuum,” I expected a Citrix Synergy session exploring the future of application delivery, security and the emergence of the Internet of Things.

And let me be clear, Christian can be quite entertaining in person, but it’s not something I plan to see in one of his technical presentations.

So, it was no surprise when they discussed key issues affecting businesses around the world, looking at issues like how to overcome lost internet connections, what can businesses enhance their security and protect valuable intellectual property. Abhishek focused on how networking is better delivered as software and explored new ways to lock down the enterprise and protect against data leakage. And then Christian explored those same questions from a secure application delivery perspective.

And then the surprise came.

As he appeared to wrap up his technical view into the future, Christian invited Chris Matthieu, Citrix director, IoT engineering, onto the stage. And I have to say that Chris sports one of the most impressive mustaches I’ve ever seen.


But I digress.

Before we had time to fully admire the ‘stache, Chris proceeded to show all of the non-programmers in the audience – folks like this PR pro – how to create new workflow apps with XenMobile Secure Forms.

Then he showed us how to use Citrix Octoblu and its ability to connect to almost anything to amplify the power of the sample hospital app, and share the information with an audience member’s iPhone sporting a Singapore international number. Within a few minutes, Chris walked us through the process of how to set up and use the workflow app, all in way a PR guy could understand.

All of this offers a good summary of what we’re seeing at #CitrixSynergy 2016. At the end of the day, the most important benefit of the cool Citrix technologies we’re seeing is how everyday non-technical people can use it to digitally transform the way we live and work.

That is compelling power, the kind that can blow my mind.

Welcome to the future.

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